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  136. This might just be me, but I really hate this...
  137. Does it bother you?
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  148. Rocker Demyx
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  151. Hermes Helmet (Need Help either with Tutorial or finding to buy)
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  153. Can I make my own character and cosplay as them? And how can I make the cosplay?
  154. What do you prefer?
  155. Original Keyblade Wielders
  156. Vocaloid Custom Cosplay! [ ? ]
  157. Just what is the limit?
  158. Ok So I need to make this costume. But I'm not sure how to go about it. Help please?
  159. Original Designs
  160. Sakuya Genderswap
  161. Hetalia - Antartica?
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  169. is this ok?
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  174. No Attention for OC's
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  185. Personifications/Humanizations
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  188. Help with an idea
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  193. Knight of Winterfell
  194. Dr. Holocaust vs. The Savage Bandito! Super Villain Battle of the Century!
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  203. Post Your OCs That Are Based On Existing Media
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  205. "Inspiration is for amateurs; ideas come out of process"
  206. Digimon Gijinka's
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  215. I don't know what to use for this cosplay
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  218. Pirate Help?
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  222. using Trademarked articles for OC's?
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  224. Would this OC be considered "original"?
  225. What do u guys think about making your own anime costume but just one u came up with?
  226. Would these make a good Original Cosplay?
  227. A male Black Rock Shooter Cosplay, good idea?
  228. Does anybody commission oc?
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