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  1. MMORPG? Which is superior?
  2. What happened to the moogles!?
  3. Best Fighting Game Series?
  4. tengai makyo!!
  5. DDR in the news
  6. DDR and weight loss
  7. faverite final fatasy charecters 1- current
  8. Ultimate Suikoden character!
  9. Amazing game graphics
  10. Resident Evil Apocalypse
  11. Game Identifying Help!
  12. THE REAL dance dance revolution forum
  13. Timesplitters 3
  14. Does anyone know how to get the 3 mangus sisters in Final Fantasy X?
  15. Does anyone know where the highbridge and Baaj temple is in Final Fantasy X?
  16. who likes Thousand Arms, well who has ever played Thousand Arms?
  17. the Matrix online
  18. New Kingdom Hearts 2 info
  19. Favorite Final Fantasy Villian
  20. Fatal Frame
  21. Coming soon to PS2
  22. Tomb Raider
  23. The lord of the rings: The Third Age
  24. ERR I have a question relating to Pokemon
  25. How do you deal with "Video Game Rage"?
  26. Xsi?
  27. King of Dancers '04!!!
  28. Final Fantasy 1 and 2 on GBA
  29. Any City of Heroes or Lineage II players here?
  30. Alucard vs Dante
  31. Chrono Trigger Beta
  32. Outrun/Outrunners?
  33. the funnyest and stupid games you played
  34. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles- Best game FF game ever, or sorry excuse?
  35. Megaman Battle Network 3, Blue Version- HELP!
  36. Battle Royale!
  37. Earthbound/Mother 2
  38. Who loves videogames???
  39. The new Link (Zelda) is here!!!!!
  40. So I got DDRMAX.
  41. Gaming Accomplishments?
  42. Gaming Embarrassments?
  43. Oakridge Mall in San Jose is looking for you!
  44. is Xenosaga A good game
  45. who are the most bad@$$ game characters (hero or villian doesn't matter)
  46. someone please help me! i can't get past a certain part in ff x...
  47. Meltyblood Re.Act
  48. What Online Games Do You Play?
  49. anybody have 5300 bucks?
  50. New details on GTA: San Andreas!
  51. TV interview opportunity for female gamers
  52. FF VII:AC Aerith pictures..
  53. is there anywhere online that has like a ranking list for DDR?
  54. Anyone else pissed about Xenosaga II's design changes?
  55. Top 3 games you just can't stop playing.
  56. Red Octane Ingition pad for PS2
  57. Mega Man Anniversary Collection
  58. Player's guides/Walkthroughs - helpful, or against your morals?
  59. DS or PSP?
  60. GameOn New York (Public E3)
  61. FFX & X-2 grafics question
  62. DDR Finish Line Commercial
  63. The DDR Workout
  64. NCAA Football 2005! Who's your college team?
  65. Too Late For PS2?
  66. Joint Operations.
  67. Why Is Final Fantasy so beloved?
  68. Tales of Symphonia
  69. Best Multiplayer Smash Bros./Melee Moments
  70. FFX design books
  71. Xenosaga! why change the char design?
  72. Should I get FFX-2 ?
  73. What is your favorite FF song and why?
  74. CHeck this out FF fans!
  75. Ffxii
  76. Guilty Gear Isuka..anyone as excited as me..?
  77. Arc_the_Lad's big list of games you should play
  78. Karaoke Revolution 2
  79. Kingdom Hearts Role-Play
  80. Legend of Langrisser
  81. Has anyone ever played Harry Potter Quidditch World cup?
  82. 'Bebop' Rises Again
  83. Why do so many people think FFVIII sucked?
  84. Ffx-2 Help
  85. Who here would like to see a PS2/PS3 remake of FFVII?
  86. legacy of Cain / Soul reaver
  87. FFT remake
  88. Do you think you'll ever grow out of games?
  89. DDR Starter...HELP
  90. Video Game Lookalikes
  91. More FF7: Advent Children info (more people introduced)
  92. Question Of The Ages:if You Could Be A Final Fantasy Character Who Would You Be?
  93. If there was a live-action Final Fantasy movie, who would you pick to play the parts?
  94. Who thinks blitzball is fixed?
  95. why did sephiroth kill aerith?
  96. Why I know longer read EGM magazine
  97. A new NiGHTS game!....... well, sorta
  98. Is FFXI Mac-compatible?
  99. Am I the only one who disliked FFX? *SPOILERS*
  100. The perfect Final Fantasy
  101. Bujingai: Gackt's masterpiece
  102. Why do so many people think FFIX sucked?
  103. Anyone else excited about The Matrix Online?
  104. Soul Calibur III?
  105. Kingdom Hearts fans wanna be friends? ^_^
  106. Nintendo sticks with DS name, but releases an AWESOME new design.
  107. Final Fantasy General Discussion Thread
  108. Tales of Symphonia
  109. Most difficult game ever....
  110. Legend of Dragoon- crashing on PS2
  111. Final Fantasy VII: Memory of Despair
  112. Tenchu: Kurenai
  113. Star Ocean the second story
  114. why do most of the villians do this?
  115. Bujingai Help!
  116. Katamaridamacy?
  117. Favorite Disney spin in Kingdom Hearts
  118. Tidus's weapon
  119. *SPOILERS* Favorite Final FF Battle *SPOILERS*
  120. Favorite Megaman Music
  121. Fable?
  122. Naruto: Gekitou Ninjyataisen 3 for Gamecube
  123. Final Fantasy VI-X2 Music Video!
  124. Doom 3
  125. Another reason to hate the Japanese(SF3:3S video)
  126. Zelda: Wind Waker Help Plz
  127. FF XI video, anyone?
  128. Xbox or PS2? DDR
  129. Look Who's Back In Ff7: Advent Children!
  130. G-phoria
  131. ilovebees
  132. FFVI mysteries...
  133. Metal Gear Solid 3 Intro
  134. Square songs that sound alike
  135. Fable vs. FF12
  136. FF7 Insight
  137. What's the deal with FFX International?
  138. Best/Worst RPG Battle Systems!
  139. If you could be any video game character for a day, who would you be?
  140. Anyone else going to get the PSP when it's released?
  141. FFXII Cover Art
  142. Which video game do you have the most fun playing?
  143. Something for the FF Fans
  144. What's Square-Enix doing with FF?
  145. Gunbound
  146. Best cover design and worst cover design?
  147. Primal
  148. Game "Bosses"
  149. Doshin The Giant OST?
  150. Try this game I made!
  151. Best Male Character
  152. Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner
  153. Your Best and/or Favorite Pokemon
  154. Hiroki Kikuta
  155. Beatmania IIDX
  156. Langrisser.....anyone familiar with it.
  157. Squaresoft Cameo Songs
  158. I don't understand. .FFX-2 psych'er costume?
  159. Guilty Gear X2 #reload
  160. Favorite song of prayer?
  161. Ad scares kid
  162. need help with Final Fantasy VII
  163. Gundam games could be much better
  164. Thoughts on Bujingai: The Forsaken City
  165. Fire Emblem for GBA (SP)
  166. GOOD Anime/Manga Based Games
  167. New Metal Gear Solid 3 Trailer
  168. The KOTOR addiction
  169. FFVII:AC - HEEEERE'S Yuffie!!!!
  170. New Atlus MegaTen games!
  171. your favorite VG music (Remixed or OG)
  172. Donkey Konga
  173. Kingdom Hearts help
  174. Kessen III
  175. Star Wars Battlefront
  176. Pikmin 2 Commercial
  177. Aeris or Aerith (again)
  178. inuyasha rpg for ps2
  179. Tactical or "Arcade" FPS games? You make the call.
  180. what charaters do you think will be in kingdom heats 2 ???
  181. DDR, which one?
  182. Shining Tears
  183. Final Fantasy VII name joke?
  184. Some Help, really reall got 2 play or multiplayer games.
  185. What's your Fall 2004 release list look like?
  186. ok...final fantasy tactics advanced problems
  187. whats the best arcade game you can play?
  188. Dear Tri-Ace Fans...
  189. Ladyluck LeBlanc?
  190. Arc_the_Lad's Utimate Video Game Trivia.
  191. Sly 2: Band of Thieves
  192. Anyone here played the Tribes: Vengeance beta?
  193. Wild ARMs Alter Code F
  194. Square shafts Chrono Trigger 3d project.
  195. Can Final Fantasy Go to Far???
  196. Final Fantasy X-2 Itnetnational + last mission
  197. Star Wars Battlefront
  198. Most Evil Squaresoft Villain?
  199. Street Fighter....roleplay. :O
  200. Getting X-Box live ... need game recomendations
  201. Venice FF7:AC Preview
  202. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge Of Cerberus
  203. New FFVII game (Has Square gone too far?)
  204. "game" movies!!
  205. Doom Movie Starring "The Rock"
  206. Final Fantasy Tactics: Best Job Class?
  207. Fable Is More Then Expected!!!
  208. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
  209. Dear, Silent Hill Fans...
  210. Western vs. Eastern RPG's
  211. Katamari Damacy
  212. Nintendo DS Price, Launch Date and Details Finalized
  213. Good/Bad News about Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts II
  214. Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion (New Square-Enix PC MMORPG!)
  215. dont want to finish a game because then its over?
  216. Quick Problem, FFVIII saving problems
  217. (Sort of) old news
  218. Phantome Brave
  219. Rognorock online players!!!!!!!!
  220. New FFVII: Advent Children scan = new speculation
  221. STAR WARS: Battlefront. who has it?
  222. DDR Extreme is out!
  223. Your top 10 RPG's
  224. 'Video Game Music Videos' Help Me
  225. Rockman / MegaMan X7, X8, Command Missions
  226. Silent hill 4 demo
  227. FFTA: better late than never
  228. Racing games fanatics!
  229. Shadow Hearts Covenant
  230. Sailor Moon Computer Game
  231. Super Cosplay War Ultra - 2D fighting game download
  232. Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
  233. Wild Arms 1 help
  234. Pokemon Rocks America
  235. Kingdom Hearts
  236. What is the first Final Fantasy you played?
  237. anime games
  238. clock tower 3
  239. Final Fantasy XII
  240. ~Trans~ Wanna be a girl (A windows game)
  241. Dirge of Cerberus
  242. Guild Wars... anyone else going to be playing it?
  243. Stella Deus
  244. Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
  245. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus!!!
  246. (Shonen) Jump Super Stars
  247. Mortal Kombat: Deception
  248. FF3 (the real FF3) on Nintendo DS
  249. Upcoming Survival/Horror Games
  250. Which MMORPG for me?