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  1. Hiding my curves! Help!
  2. LOSING muscle/Broad shoulders
  3. Coffee, Tea or...
  4. Crossplay- Eye makeup only? (full face mask)
  5. Why shouldn't i use ace bandages to bind?
  6. Female to Male Crossplay, Advice for Lips?
  7. Sailor moon Saturn cosplay
  8. Makeup for paler skin?
  9. Sailor Venus Crossplay Help
  10. Size you should wear in males..
  11. Binder Recommendations?
  12. What character could I crossplay as?
  13. alois? little red riding hood? >.<
  14. No support? (From family)
  15. MtF makeup rookie help
  16. Need some opinions
  17. Crossplay suggestions for a guy? (photo)
  18. Why shouldn't my 1st Cosplay be a Crossplay
  19. Size Conversion
  20. How would I describe the diffrence between crossplaying and crossdressing to ...
  21. Watch Mirror Mirror Online In HD
  22. %^$ Watch The pirates Band Of Misfits online ^*^
  23. Question about Ordering measurements
  24. Binding help
  25. Where to get a good Wig?
  26. Faking a voice
  27. Decision Help
  28. Crossplay help
  29. MtF Midiffs
  30. where to find Crossplay Leather Pants
  31. Compression Vest Upkeep?
  32. Breast Binding for DD's when Crossplaying
  33. Makeup for a FtM cosplay?
  34. Give up?(Female crossplay)
  35. Help please
  36. Compression Shirt Buying Help
  37. Underworks tri-top binder, wrong size?
  38. Are Men's clothes necessary?
  39. Crossplay makeup male to female - how to look cute & lovely
  40. Crossplay Suggestions?
  41. Sweden cross play help??
  42. Crossplay critique please?
  43. Styling my hair like swedens?
  44. Chest concealer?
  45. Any advice on how to sound more masculine?
  46. Chest binding help for semi-open chest please!!!
  47. Suits?
  48. Why is male crossplay seen as a joke?
  49. Binding - Bare shoulder
  50. Binding on a budget?/ First time binder(Help Please)
  51. Best way to bind a large bust?
  52. Advise on Cosplaying as a guy
  53. Crossplaying while Pregnant
  54. Need help with a hairstyle to pass off as a girl.
  55. Facial Hair
  56. Crossplay and attention.
  57. Female crossplaying Jayne Cobb
  58. Is it weird
  59. All Hallows Eve Crossplay Thread 2012
  60. muscle suite
  61. Dumb question
  62. FtM binding not working :(
  63. Animeagao
  64. Willing to pay to create S4 LEague
  65. A newbie wanting to crossplay MtF
  66. Judgement from Others?
  67. Hiding Hair for Men Crossplayers
  68. I Will Be Using A Catsuit HELP!
  69. First Time Crossplay
  70. Help with binding please!
  71. KT Tape for Chest Binding
  72. Crossplay as young Ezio Auditore?
  73. Binding and Measurements
  74. Need a suggestion on lowering chest
  75. I'm a man looking to do a daring crossplay
  76. Stubble/Beard.
  77. Looking for suggestions
  78. Crossplay suggestions
  79. Any suggestions?
  80. I need a suggestions for my cos
  81. Thoughts on genderbend?
  82. Looking into Crossplay
  83. Need some help with binding for a (kinda?)crossplay.
  84. Yoko Littner Crossplay
  85. Do I have to bind?
  86. Halter Bra Help
  87. How to crossplay visible breasts?
  88. So I'm new here, and this probably isn't the best idea..
  89. I look to childish on my Shizuo crossplay
  90. Crossplay Anxieties ;o;
  91. Bras with Breast forms
  92. Binding Help ?
  93. Binding..(Tri Top)
  94. A dilemma
  95. Just released: Catsuit patterns
  96. Hair Management MtF
  97. Star wars: the force unleashed crossplay... help me ...
  98. Who Should I Crossplay As?
  99. Are there limitations to Crossplay choices?
  100. Methods for Binding a Larger Sized Chest?
  101. Seeking Female to Male Blonde Makeup Tutorial (Skwisgaar Skwigelf)
  102. Compression Shirts on Woman with Small Breasts
  103. 1st X Crsply for taokaka help?
  104. FtM: Bishounen makeup?
  105. beard makeup help?
  106. Prices of body hair removal...
  107. Are face waxing strips effective?
  108. What do you use to pad your waist?
  109. russia cosplay female
  110. Leg Hair (Girls crossplaying guys)
  111. Chest binders for bigger breasts?
  112. Binding Help?
  113. Tsunade and Jiraiya
  114. Hiding Stubble
  115. For Men: Crossplay Makeup (MORE is more!)
  116. The right balance of cuteness and boyishness?!
  117. The 11th Doctor (Girl)
  118. Crossplaying Scarlett O'Hara
  119. How to compliment a crossplayer
  120. Costume measurements problem
  121. Crossplay make up for dark skin help!!
  122. Can being an overweight male actually be good for crossplaying?
  123. Fake beards?
  124. Guys: Opinion on female crossplayers?
  125. Binding for CROSSplaying Germany (Hetalia)?
  126. crossplaying for lulz
  127. TomBoy Strategy
  128. anri yoshiwara binding
  129. Easy/Simple Crossplays (for a female being a male)
  130. Crossplay Make-up?
  131. "Are you a boy or a girl?"
  132. What to expect at a con?
  133. Is there a way to get around this?
  134. How to look taller (For crossplaying as men)
  135. natsu dragneel chest
  136. Crossplay make up for pale characters (f to m)
  137. I need opinions, is this going to far?
  138. Would you like to crossplay Santa Claus?
  139. Crossplay Ballgown?
  140. FemmePyro
  141. Females cosplaying as males
  142. MtF Makeup: Tips from you makeup gurus?
  143. So why do YOU crossplay?
  144. A normal question
  145. Tifa crossplay help?
  146. Makeup online?
  147. Men's Clothing Size
  148. How to make a man's dress shirt fit a woman
  149. Feed backs on female cross play
  150. Amount of padding for "really athletic" Female char?
  151. Can I pull off near from death note?
  152. Can I crossplay?
  153. I want to Crossplay...
  154. Help finding a tank top?
  155. Tight costume + curvy hips - help?
  156. Can I Crossplay? And looking for tips/advice on binders..
  157. XS or S size on FTM binder + (color= nude??)
  158. Male patterns - measurements?
  159. Regards to Chest Binders
  160. Quick and easy questions for myself
  161. Quick Fem to Male Crossplaying Shoulder Pad question
  162. Transgender crossplay
  163. Could I pass? Character suggestions?
  164. *Need a bit of help*
  165. Famous Japanese crossplayers
  166. Newbie in the house. Tips?
  167. Wax for facial hair or other better alternative?
  168. Binder suggestions?
  169. Is this a good idea for females crossplaying shirtless males?
  170. Backless binding?
  171. To "Pack" or Not To "Pack"? (FtM crossplay)
  172. Girls: To Facial hair or not to Facial hair?
  173. How to hide a binder?
  174. Underwear
  175. Faces!
  176. Makeup - the Basics
  177. High-heels for cosplaying guy
  178. How to look like a guy! Naruto.
  179. Crossplaying a masculine character
  180. Crossplaying Anna Dewitt/Elizabeth
  181. Erza Scarlet Crossplay pics from Sakura Con 2013
  182. two questions
  183. Sakura Crossplay.
  184. Revealing outfit- female cosplaying male
  185. Doctor Who
  186. me cosplaying as L from death note
  187. Crossplaying Booker DeWitt
  188. Dressing up as alexstraza as a guy?
  189. Ordering a cosplay: "men's size" or "women's size"?
  190. X SnJ Kakashi?
  191. Crossplaying a Superhero: Hiding the binding?
  192. Binding without using a compression shirt?
  193. Why do guys wanna crossplay as gals?
  194. Crossplaying Fang
  195. Crossplaying Hope Estheim
  196. Advice for hiding stubble?
  197. vocal tones
  198. Female Link
  199. Source for costume jewelry?
  200. Kirigumi?
  201. Completely Bare Chest
  202. Problem covering eyebrows
  203. binding tutorial for d cup women help
  204. The Halloween Crossplay Thread for 2013
  205. Panties?
  206. Binding Chest/Telling Parents
  207. crossplaying
  208. crossplay help
  209. Crossplay issues: need advice!
  210. Crossplay makeup for girls?
  211. FTM Makeup For Rounder Faces
  212. any Crossplay groups in the Los Angeles area
  213. Straight Crossplayers?
  214. Where to buy chest binders in sg?
  215. How to hide boobs with more revealing male cosplay?
  216. Utatane piko cosplay
  217. MTF: Chobits' Chi Makeup Help
  218. Make-up/crossplay/Jackfrost
  219. Sideburns and Goatee?
  220. Crossplaying in a leotard?
  221. Double crossplay makeup?
  222. Body Shapers Under Leotard
  223. Corsets and Body Shappers?
  224. Tri-Top Bunching Up
  225. Young Jutice Cosplay Group MegaCon 2014
  226. Androgyny?
  227. Lolita?
  228. Any idea for a binder that's a little lower cut?
  229. For Women: Crossplay with abs
  230. Male to Female makeup tutorial.
  231. On Hiding Curves
  232. FtM - Making eyebrows bushy...
  233. Altering a binder?
  234. Disguising shoulders?
  235. Crossplaying sexy characters
  236. Street Fighter Crossplaying
  237. Review of those $6 Chinese Binders on eBay
  238. List of characters that by design should be crossplayed
  239. Dr. Facilier
  240. How to crossplay character with extreme cleavage?
  241. Male Cosplay Eye Makeup
  242. new crossplay: Squirrel Girl!
  243. What kind of reactions do crossplayers get?
  244. I need a flat chest! Help!
  245. How to get a flat chest naturally?
  246. Flat Chest Options
  247. Body hair.
  248. Binding for Extremely large chests?
  249. Need help with Halloween costumes
  250. Street Fighter Crossplaying Picnic