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  1. How often are crossplaying guys at conventions?
  2. Help Deciding on a Costume
  3. Crossplay stories
  4. Lots of Advice Needed...
  5. Beards: Good or Bad... depending on who you are.
  6. Sure you ALMOST got the whole nine yards
  7. ...Double-crossplaying...?
  8. Help with Aeris crossplay...
  9. Strapless(Backless)dresses and Cleavage help
  10. What your opinion on taking female or male horomones?
  11. Poll for Girls: Do your parents approve?
  12. Poll for Girls: Do your parents approve?
  13. Poll for Boys: Do your parents approve?
  14. Ideas for solutions to the social disparity of F-M/ M-F crossplay?
  15. Need costume help
  16. Question
  17. Shoulders?
  18. Crossplaying for Dummies panel at Toronto Trek
  19. Female ninjas or something similar to a ninja.
  20. exercises to become more agile? (and feminine)
  21. exercises to become more girly
  22. Ok, I bit the bullet
  23. Kya!! I'm crossplaying Tifa Lockheart!
  24. I'm new and what is...
  25. looking for Yue cardcaptor cosplay group anime north!
  26. Got some plastic brains for boobies :)
  27. Anyone else like "unsuccessful" crossplay?
  28. Sorry a bit cliche...
  29. For Guys: What's your boob set-up?
  30. Taking things to far
  31. prolly asked this before, but. .crossplay panel
  32. are you treated different by significan't others?
  33. This may seem stupid but...
  34. Wax job
  35. *blush*
  36. Belldandy or Kagome.... and a firing squad
  37. What should I do to my face?
  38. Looking for a good friend
  39. Discussion for Christians - is crossplaying OK?
  40. crossplaying as morrigan
  41. Sango from Inu-Yasha, under clothing?
  42. Posing for the Cameras!
  43. Looking for in-between pics for panel presentation
  44. Smelling Pretty
  45. does it count as crossplay...
  46. the "'D' cup problem"
  47. i need help
  48. Is it more difficult to understand why men crossplay?
  49. Alternate character (not what your probably thinking)
  50. Crossplay Costume Potential
  51. Gay Cross-play? A Go Or No Go? (No Offense Please!!)
  52. Is binding worth it? (Itachi crossplay)
  53. Crossplay Squall from FFVII
  54. Faking a masculine muscular torso
  55. full bodysuit help
  56. Material suggestions...
  57. Need help With M-F Crossplay Costume
  58. Akon Crossplay
  59. Funny Crossplay Stories!
  60. Outlaw Star crossplay!!!!
  61. I Need Help!!
  62. Need some ideas/help for making a Bridget costume.
  63. Need some advice on a Japanese School Uniform.
  64. shoulders
  65. My first Crossplay ever, Critique?
  66. Suggestions for firstime crossplay?
  67. Altering your voice?
  68. Total n00b... needs info
  69. Attention to detail, aiming to fool, pure realism.
  70. ummmm.....suggestions for a first time crossplay?
  71. 1st crossplay
  72. Crossplaying to avoid unwanted attention?
  73. Fisheye crossplay
  74. Seeking advice; first-time female crossplayer
  75. Should I shave?
  76. Crossplay Help
  77. Haku - from naruto
  78. Bishi crossplay. Girls into guys?
  79. What's wrong with crossplaying as a girl?
  80. Crossplay accident: Getting Declined story - funny!
  81. Need help for Spike crossplay
  82. Got foam boob falsies
  83. Help, My Friends wont talk to me because of crossplay. . .
  84. Thinking about crossplaying again.......suggestions?
  85. Ilpalazzo crossplay
  86. Making a Male body more feminine
  87. Rikku (FFX-2) Crossplay Help
  88. Hair Removal... I need help!
  89. Bear Chested...women?
  90. Help with Shuichi crossplay!
  91. How do these girls do it?! (envying japanese crossplayers)
  92. Gender Recognition Problems
  93. Crossplay.. Blitzball players?!
  94. I! My! Me! Strawberry Egg basket?
  95. YO!...im gonna try this crossplaything...
  96. Man Milly?
  97. help with telling parents...
  98. Can I pull this off?
  99. Is binding really necessary?
  100. Crossplay Newbie Here -- What's the big deal about crossplaying?
  101. binding methods and materials
  102. Cross Play help
  103. My First Binding Job
  104. Crossplayer with big chest issues!
  105. Any tips on making males look more feminine???
  106. Help! Flesh-Colored top?
  107. Beginner cosplayer with sewing issues...help would be appreciated ^^
  108. First Crossplay (Sechs, Battle Angel)
  109. Cosplaying a crossdressing chracter?
  110. Help i have big boobs and i cant bind
  111. Genderless cosplay
  112. Curse my female hips!!
  113. Male Crossplayers: What's your femenine feature?
  114. Spray on stockings
  115. Cute & Frilly
  116. Well I told ONE of them...
  117. Male Mermaid Crossplay?
  118. New to Crossplay/Cosplay...advice
  119. Packing?
  120. Shoes
  121. Androgyny
  122. Clear/Clear-strap bras: Where to find them?
  123. Yuna FFX
  124. Another dumb binding question!
  125. for halloween
  126. new crossplayer
  127. Halloween Costumes
  128. Help! Trying to slip into crossplay!
  129. Cowboy Bebop Group for Ani-Zona '05?
  130. Cat Problems...
  131. Is it wrong that I think I look pretty good as a guy..maybe better
  132. Using Makeup to hide a Masculine Face
  133. I wanted to Crossplay .~_~.
  134. is it harder to crossplay than to cosplay
  135. Help me im new
  136. Card Captor Sakura: Any Tips?
  137. do girls like it when guys crossplay
  138. Feeling uncomfortable posting this elsewhere so please don;t be mad if it shouldn't..
  139. TBS Reality Show
  140. Crossplay assistance
  141. creating fake muscles...
  142. Explaining Crossplay
  143. Could it be considered crossplay?
  144. Boys in sailorfukus ^^"
  145. changing original colors of a characters costume
  146. Going to crossplay as Yoh...I need some help...
  147. desire
  148. Crossplayers at AnimeUSA...
  149. Crossplaying Rikku - Which Outfit?
  150. Crossplay Couple help
  151. Easy FtM costumes?
  152. Suggestions for making this...
  153. Just to be silly... cris-cross-playing?
  154. Crossplay outside of cons?
  155. Crossplay n00b!
  156. Masking disguise: Mortaciane
  157. School homecoming crossplay theme nixed because it promotes homosexuality
  158. Hi!!! any other GGXX crossplayerS?
  159. help: Getting built?
  160. Lets play dress up!
  161. Binding for a Criss-crossplay? (Guy in a miniskirt)
  162. Looking more masculine with make-up
  163. Cross-play cross-play? Would some be offended?
  164. Ok you've seen ManChii and ManFaye, now theres a new sheriff in town
  165. any akio's out there?
  166. help me! im an amateur!
  167. Crossplayers looking better than the correct gender cosplayers
  168. Chii Criss Cross Help
  169. Make sure to...
  170. Femme variants?
  171. Nair for Men is smarter than me...
  172. Female Mask Cosplay?
  173. ;-; Please give me advice on binding
  174. Crossdressing before Crossplaying
  175. bye bye hips
  176. Has any straight member of the same sex hit on you when you were crossplaying
  177. Umm...Trying to do Sango...
  178. Crossplay in Nightclubs anyone?
  179. Dress sizes
  180. Confused
  181. Tips on being a topless guy.
  182. Girls Look Better As Guys In Crossplay
  183. How to handle parents?
  184. What character to do: an Experiment
  185. Anime Dawn Crossplay
  186. help!! Faye crossplay!!
  187. Too ambitious? Would it be absurd? Would the drawn on chest-hair stain my shirt?
  188. Getting fit and into 'shape'
  189. The cost of Kigurumi?
  190. How old is our youngest crossdresser/crossplayer
  191. Have you ever ben caught crossdressing at home ?
  192. Are you convincing as a girl out of costume ?.
  193. How about some before and after photos?
  194. Topless/bare chest
  195. Ugh... Some closed-mindedness from family
  196. FTM Crossplay Pictures.
  197. Sailor Fuku Bridget :)
  198. Topless man chest with body tattoos
  199. > "women"? o.o
  200. Hair removal is literally impossible for me!
  201. Viera Assassin
  202. Milena's costume from Mortal Kombat Deception... a little help... ^^"s
  203. legit crossplay vs. femme male
  204. Androgynous Eyebrows
  205. Did a crossplay change the way you feel about a certain character?
  206. mascara question for girls
  207. Crossplay suggestions
  208. Hyuuga Hinata Crossplay
  209. My opinion
  210. Chrno Cosplay
  211. Mitarashi Anko Crossplay
  212. Temari Cosplay
  213. I Need Help!
  214. Need a little help?
  215. Mahoro Crossplay
  216. Crossplaying versions of Alice in Wonderland?
  217. Expectations crushed! not cosplay!
  218. renfaire and other
  219. how to look more feminin with make up
  220. Ugh, I'm hopless... Lol. Chii help?
  221. Oppinions, and forseeable obstacles
  222. Sticky...
  223. population of crossplays?
  224. Locked up Inside
  225. Live Action Cutey Honey Crossplay
  226. DMC3 intro Dante
  227. Being a guy, what is everyone's opinion on wearing a sailor uniform to a convention?
  228. Crossplaying Rikku - Could I Pull It Off?
  229. Female Version vs. Crossplay
  230. Costume request...?
  231. Kim Possible crossplay
  232. Question aout a possible costume.
  233. Duo Maxwell crossplay
  234. Question. Have any girls cosplayed Greed from FMA before?
  235. Crossplaying as Envy from FullMetal Alchemist
  236. Acting the Part . . .
  237. Crossplaying a guy with an open shirt... HELP!
  238. Which Haruko
  239. need moms' o.k. but don't know how to ask
  240. Binding problems
  241. shoe sizes...
  242. Kurogane from Tsubasa cosplay. :D
  243. Help Hiding Long Hair
  244. Shoes...
  245. ehhh... not really sure
  246. what do you think??
  247. New to Crossplay
  248. How to bind D-cup?
  249. Stretching High Heeled Boots..
  250. Have a general question