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  1. Crossplayer featured in newspaper
  2. New 2 Crossplay and Cosplay 4 That Matter
  3. Desperatly seeking expert advise/ideals!
  4. Skincaps and bald characters (also mohawks)
  5. Androgynous characters?
  6. Male version of Jo from Burst Angel
  7. Suggestions needed to go "more deep" into crossplay...
  8. Less Shoulder?
  9. need help im a newbee
  10. Playing a society man
  11. Finally gonna crossplay for this coming AX!
  12. Well, I came out... and... didn't go well.
  13. Coming out tonight
  14. Not sure this should be crossplay but oh well...
  15. What would a crossplayer do if a guy hits on ya? :P
  16. Faye Valentine
  17. need help telling my family
  18. A good store that sells tights?
  19. Long nails?
  20. Crossplaying Yuna
  21. So, waterballoons... has anyone here rolled the dice?
  22. Shaving... or not shaving?
  23. Leading a Crossplay panel and I need a costume idea
  24. Die of Dir en Grey
  25. Whats going on everybody!
  26. Pokemon Crossplay
  27. Cross-play Lolita
  28. Height Issues~too short!
  29. What do guys think of girls who crossplay?
  30. Eyelashes...
  31. Crossplaying as Tifa
  32. Hige sweatshirt ect.
  33. Edward Elric
  34. Not sure where this should go...
  35. Invisible Binding Resistant to Water?
  36. Washroom
  37. Nair...
  38. Feedback appreciated for my Songstress Yuna X-play
  39. Serge O_O
  40. hours of operation
  41. Just shot a few pics, wondering on opinions
  42. Girly boy look without looking -too- girly o.o;
  43. Alright Dallas girls, I need your help!
  44. modifing costumes
  45. First Time Need Advice
  46. crossplaying suggestion
  47. shego crossplay
  48. *Help* Convention a week away, Need Ideas!
  49. Crossplaying help
  50. Crossplaying character suggestions
  51. I need some opinions.
  52. Facial Hair
  53. Crossplaying as Cammy
  54. a lil newb help pls
  55. Strapless Bra help
  56. is this good ?
  57. Weight?
  58. MAKE UP! How to
  59. Any unusual questions? Just ask!
  60. Im new at this :)
  61. Haruhara Haruko
  62. Rikku (FFX-2) Crossplay
  63. Afraid
  64. How many crossplayers will be attending OTAKON this year?
  65. Any opinions?
  66. Am I weired?
  67. Crossplay success at otakon
  68. Raven from Teen Titans cartoon^^
  69. Otakon 2k5, can anyone help me find myself?
  70. suggestions for a newb
  71. How do you guys get your female cloths/makeup/wigs, ect...?
  72. How to: Masculine Face
  73. Ryu Hoshi from Street Fighter... er, help?
  74. How did you tell your parents?
  75. Secret crossplaying
  76. Makeup Help
  77. Is anyone crossplaying at the Anime Expo next year?
  78. Hideing Facial Stubbal
  79. EGL cosplay.
  80. Haruka/ sailor uranus
  81. How to change voice
  82. Need EGL suggestions T_T
  83. Crossplaying Sanji from One Piece
  84. help me out mithra crossplay
  85. Those 'manly' costumes, how to adapt?
  86. Topics for Crossplay Panel
  87. Different Type(maybe) of Breast Question
  88. Yatta! Finally did it! Me as Sailor Mercury!
  89. NDK crossplay forum & "howto" video
  90. Big Shoes and No Bangs ideas for guys
  91. Mamimi from FLCL Crossplay
  92. Who's "crossplaying" for Halloween?
  93. Men and Panties
  94. Confuzzeled / problem with perception of crossplay
  95. Masculine Crossplay of female characters
  96. Telling a guy who doesn't know...
  97. Big,poofy,princessy type dresses for a guy
  98. Help with shoes?
  99. Help/excuse to dress up as a girl for halloween...
  100. Too Big to Bind..?
  101. Gothic Makeup
  102. Female to male make-up tips?
  103. Male versions of Female characters
  104. Testament from Guilty Gear - First time crossplay - Help. ._.;;;
  105. Carmelita Fox From Sly Cooper crossplay
  106. Haruko of FLCL Crossplay:love:
  107. going the third mile.
  108. Overprotective about my hair...
  109. Corsets?
  110. Should I do it?
  111. How to make croset?
  112. Fake skin for fake adams apple?
  113. Male to Female Face question
  114. Crossplay for Inuyasha
  115. Need help for Lara Croft's hair style from from the Movie
  116. Candy Cane from Rumble Roses Crossplay
  117. Creating An Angular Facial Structure For Women?
  118. Girl Sephiroth Help
  119. Can I pass?
  120. As I dive head-first into the deep end.
  121. Crossplay as lolita?
  122. Ten-Ten!
  123. When do you know...
  124. Japanese TV program about M->F makeovers
  125. Butterfly Chii ~,^
  126. TG in Manga and Anime
  127. Cid Highwind
  128. sailor moon crossplay group
  129. Inland Empire help...
  130. fake boobage revisited
  131. Psa
  132. Sister Princess Sakuya
  133. beard?!
  134. Does Dilandau count as crossplay? (spoilers)
  135. Question about passing
  136. Anyone here go to A-Kon?
  137. First Crossplay: Shuichi Shindou (Gravitation)
  138. I just don't what to say.
  139. So....
  140. Maya Natsume of Tenjho Tenge OVA 2 Crossplay
  141. Continued from my last thread...
  142. Binding for uh... bigger women...
  143. [F->M] Help with makeup...
  144. OTAKON 06' on the horizon...Who's Crossing?
  145. Assistance Needed - Female to Male Costume
  146. Help for "manly men"?
  147. Unsure of What All I Need To Do
  148. Polite behavior in regarding photos of Cosplayers / Crossplayers:
  149. Cosplaying a "pretty" man... advice?
  150. Androgynous eyebrows
  151. Female needing Stubble for Crossplay
  152. Who should I crossplaya as to the Anime Expo?
  153. Amazing makeup sequence
  154. muscle shirt?
  155. Any good makeup techniques for F--->M?
  156. Binding trouble
  157. Sleeping with your chest bound (Ladies)
  158. Ino Yamanaka from Naruto
  159. Realism or an Amusing Lack Thereof
  160. LARGE jewelry
  161. Toilet issues
  162. not technically crossplaying
  163. crossplay outside cons
  164. Crossplay Help!
  165. Female Cid Highwind?
  166. Women's Shoes - advice?
  167. Crap. When I finally WANT to look like a guy....
  168. Original Character Crossplay?
  169. Crossplay basics help!
  170. My First Costume! - Alessa G.
  171. Makeup technique? Female to male
  172. Older Momiji sohma
  173. Ranma 1/2 female version... suggestions?
  174. Is this really a crossplayer?
  175. Would you consider this a Crossplay?
  176. Who's going to Anizona?
  177. A very easy "first" cosplay/crossplay idea
  178. Do we have a Right?
  179. Crossplay...Can it go too far?
  180. My First Crossplay - Brittany Digger
  181. Boob help (I know there is a sticky...specific problem)
  182. Mannerisms?
  183. Make up techniques for male and female crossplayers
  184. Crossplay Help
  185. Would you ever date a guy that crossplay.crossdress?
  186. Is a guy in a sailor fuku uniform wrong?
  187. Turning a cosplay into a crossplay... or vice versa...
  188. WORDS OF ADVICE: men + shaving "down there"
  189. Crossplay and weight
  190. Help! don't know what to cosplay this year!
  191. Help on Urahara Kisuke's (BLEACH) outfit
  192. Miniskirt help!
  193. Hair Removal solution for men with thick body hair.
  194. Crossplay help, wont you?
  195. Male Character With Open Shirt: Problem = Chest
  196. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
  197. Looking for custom-made crossplay costume
  198. Cross-play makeup and ettiquite and others
  199. Brkfast on Pluto -White Suit
  200. Makeup tips
  201. Making one's self... even
  202. Poseing question...
  203. Gender Mistakened...!?
  204. Female > Male Crossplay: Height Differential
  205. Crossplay 101 for boys/men
  206. Binding issues on a larger chest - help needed
  207. Tips for a newbie
  208. Seeking friends for FanimeCon plus crossplay advice
  209. Female mask
  210. More -extreme- methods? Female to Male.
  211. Male ---> Female Crossplay makeup advice
  212. Crossplay photos
  213. Different miniskirt help!
  214. I just can't seem to get my hands on a sailor uniform.
  215. Need makeup to cover never-ending-beard-shadow advice
  216. Mannerisms?
  217. Crossplay and the real world
  218. shaving tips needed.
  219. Can you crossdress and NOT be gay?
  220. Can my friend pass? And another question... (3 pics inside)
  221. For Men: Other parts of the body
  222. How to make face appear rounder?
  223. Isabella
  224. Help with a costume and parents
  225. Final Fantasy Yazoo... Help!
  226. Minimizing noticeable binding
  227. Any guys played Team Rocket's Jessie?
  228. Kuja: is it REALLY crossplay?
  229. Unusual reactions and such
  230. F>M How to make feminin eyebrows more manly looking sans-growing them in...
  231. How to alter the waist size of a pleated skirt by .5 inches
  232. What would require tucking?
  233. Rikku (FF X-2) Crossplay help
  234. F->M: Making the face look more masculine? (besides eyebrows, facial hair etc.)
  235. Cleavage
  236. Crossplaying a crossplay?
  237. Male To Female:beard/mustache Shadow Help!!
  238. Male To Female:beard/mustache Shadow Help!!
  239. Meaurements for men?
  240. Measurement for male to fem
  241. Prosthetic Adam's apple? (Yeah, weird. XP)
  242. faking facial hair
  243. Bind or not?
  244. Taping Down A D Cup
  245. Where do you change when you are crossdressing?
  246. Hormones: a good way to go for crossplay?
  247. Gothic Lolita for guys?
  248. Man-Faye on TV
  249. Crossplay Glompage
  250. Did you got your significant others do crossplay