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  1. Is there any hope for my girly face?
  2. Open shirt binding?
  3. Makeup Techniques for Crossplay
  4. i have no manly voice
  5. Full Body... binding?
  6. Transgenderism Vs. Crossplaying
  7. New to crossplay
  8. Men, what do you do with your legs?
  9. Clothes size in Women's size range
  10. Wearing skirts, Need shorts! (male)
  11. [F->M] Barechested vest
  12. Yuffie Crossplay
  13. Are me passable for lucky star?
  14. strict parents
  15. Compression Shirt video.
  16. any exercises to make boobs go away? O_Q
  17. Could i pass?
  18. Exorcism Sora. Good idea?
  19. Id crossplay - bodysuit - how to shape padding and add muscles to look more male?
  20. Probably been asked a bunch of times before
  21. How do I make a, um, false 'bulge'?
  22. Chbibusa/Chibimoon/minimoon-sailormoon crossplay
  23. Has anyone gotten up close and personal with you while crossplaying?
  24. I'm going as Simon...
  25. Duct tape and endurance?
  26. Breast Plate?
  27. Need some advice
  28. Sports Tape won't stick D:
  29. 2 Binding Questions.......help??????
  30. Perfect belly
  31. Undertaker crossplay question
  32. F to M: How much until it's gross?
  33. Crossplaying a Crossdresser?
  34. Are my eyes too "feminen"
  35. Bishonen makeup? [I'm a girl.
  36. Fangirl storys
  37. Open Chest binding for larger chests
  38. Help?advice for the right brest binder?
  39. Making myself even more manly??
  40. What do you call it when...
  41. One Piece! Help!
  42. Halibel Crossplay - fake breasts help!
  43. whats in your crossplay bag?
  44. Binding for an E or F cup
  45. Namine Crossplay from KH2
  46. My voice is to girly!
  47. My Kiba from Naruto
  48. Question about this (new?)type of binding..
  49. Crossplay: Boys vs. Girls
  50. When ordering a costume online...
  51. Boy or Girl
  52. Binding for 'Little Girls'
  53. Will better fitness help or hurt?
  54. What defines a crossplayer?
  55. first time crossplay help? M to F
  56. makeup techniques for crossplaying a younger character? (FtM)
  57. Has anyone ever done this?
  58. Clevage on Show = Problem
  59. Is binding nescessary?
  60. For Guys Regaurding The Voice-
  61. telling my parents i want to crossplay
  62. wanting to do crossplay but who as?
  63. Why is my mom so weird about me crossplaying?
  64. [MtF] Full Body suit - Not Kigurumi
  65. What should I do?
  66. Male to Female dramatic make-up
  67. I'm not sure...
  68. Firts Time Crossplaying: Getting Rid of an Hourglass Shape
  69. new to the idea of crossplay
  70. FtM Crossplay: Wig assistance!
  71. Can you suggest any Bishounen characters i can get away with crossplaying as?
  72. Bit of a problem...
  73. FtM - legs?
  74. Anyone going to Dragoncon :) ?
  75. FtM: Makeup?
  76. Who could I pull off?
  77. Want feedback on your cross-playing voice?
  78. L Crossplay.
  79. Need Help!
  80. Is it wrong doing a Guy Cosplay when you're a girl?
  81. M2F Tights to hide Leg hair
  82. Masked crossplay? Help please
  83. Need some help with an cross play costume
  84. Male looking chest?
  85. Thick beards for girls
  86. The Age Old Question: Where Do Men Find Women's Shoes?
  87. Bare Crossplaying(F-M)
  88. Is crossplaying wrong if your mom says it is?
  89. Genderbending Costumes
  90. Huh. Who to crossplay as..?
  91. Need some help for a Horror Little Red Riding Hood Costume.
  92. Typical, 'Who should I crossplay as?', help.
  93. Idea for a crossplay music video: Beard No Beard
  94. Breasts?
  95. Binding when you're a D-cup
  96. skinny arms and legs :( help
  97. Halloween Crossplay Thread 2009
  98. (F to M discussion) Ever had troubles crossplaying on "Frigga's Curse?"
  99. Would someone crossplay Fujiko Mine?
  100. binding health risks
  101. help me plz
  102. Why do you Crossplay?
  103. new (female) crossplayer HELP!!!
  104. For F-M Crossplayers: Stubble effects
  105. Quick question
  106. Anyone with experience in patternmaking?
  107. Large-eyed male character
  108. Plan for a quadsuit
  109. Shirtless Males? Where do I start?
  110. I am passable of Mashiro Mai otome?
  111. I just told my mom about binding...YIKES!!
  112. Is crossplaying wrong when you're a guy with a girl's figure?
  113. Why can't some guys crossplay wthout being labeled as gay?
  114. Make my Face "Manlier"? Please?
  115. How old do I look at either gender?
  116. How old does my interpretation of this character look?
  117. Where to buy lifts?
  118. your first crossplay experiences
  119. Genderbending characters: your opinions on.
  120. Funny Crossplay Moments
  121. Kinda have a genderless face....
  122. Can I pass as a guy? Well, England, at least?
  123. Crossplay Tips Anyone?
  124. [MtF] Skin Toned Suit: Opinions?
  125. Dreams Dashed New ideas needed
  126. Kakuzu crossplay help >_<
  127. Face Shaving Assistance
  128. Ugh! Help!~
  129. Male to female cosplay
  130. Obtaining...
  131. Crossplay photos
  132. Binding or No binding?
  133. This may sound stupid..
  134. Putting on Underworks Tri-Top Chest Binder?
  135. Binding Issues... Again
  136. Shaving off eyebrows
  137. Questions for MtFs: Short skirts
  138. Man needs old lady help
  139. Comortable binding methods (36D)
  140. Modesty? F-M Crosplay
  141. My solution for free-chest cosplay - F>M
  142. larger size shoes
  143. What should I do, if anything?
  144. Ordering from underworks
  145. Wig ??
  146. Compression Vest
  147. what do to...?
  148. Compression Vest
  149. Rei crossplays!
  150. what do girls thick of guys crossplaying
  151. Ideas for a good crossplay for halloween??
  152. Male Wigs
  153. Had issues with your 'travel companions'?
  154. Where can I buy a compression shirt (offline)?
  155. Leon Kennedy Help?-Many Different Questions From all Areas
  156. Long vs. Short Compression Vests
  157. Most difficult part of male crossplay...SHOULDERS!!
  158. Mannerisms (F2M)
  159. body suit recommendations!
  160. Easy Way To Make Fake Breasts
  161. The Phantom of the Opera
  162. touhou cosplay
  163. How to pull of really masculine and muscular guys?
  164. How to pull of really masculine and muscular guys?
  165. Haruhi Suzumiya crossplaying??
  166. mannerisems and such (M -> F)
  167. How do u make it so the girls can show there chest when cosplaying as a guy?
  168. T-Kingdom model 1480 question
  169. Crossplay poses for pear-shaped folks
  170. Convention bathrooms?
  171. How can I get OUT of crossplaying? XD
  172. Binding
  173. What does "passing" mean to you ?
  174. Parents
  175. T-Kingdom vs. Underworks
  176. Facial Hair (M -> F)
  177. Acting Flamboyant? (i need help...)
  178. Compression Vest / Binder RESULTS thread
  179. Legendary Miko Cosplay (from a game!)
  180. leg exercises
  181. Is it possible for me to make a compression top?
  182. How to crossplay as a guy that shows skin?
  183. Chest binders work fine in a big chest?
  184. Serious question
  185. I get the binding, but how can I look more like a BOY?
  186. muscle body suits? (for open binding)
  187. FtM measurement question
  188. Question...
  189. questions
  190. On the Subject of Cleaveage
  191. Crossplaying... Easiest way to start
  192. Binding...Did I do an ok job
  193. No more L :(
  194. Flesh Colored Binding Tape?
  195. gender bender female to male
  196. binding vest
  197. FMA Crossplay
  198. Need to change jacket into male's
  199. Axel & Roxas make-up
  200. Final Fantasy Crossplay Tips
  201. Kei from Beauty Pop
  202. The "Flat" Myth
  203. Cosplaying an androgenous character
  204. CC Crossplay
  205. Facial hair and other fuzzes
  206. Men's sewing pattern - what's my size!?
  207. Open Shirt Binding
  208. males who want to play at being female because that's how and what we really are
  209. Skin-like body suit for hiding boobehs?
  210. How do I hold it together?
  211. Help finding a men's wig? (already looked at cosworx)
  212. How do you do a male in a skimpy outfit without looking female?
  213. Natsuru Senou (Male) Crossplay
  214. F->M Eye help?
  215. Mascara or No Mascara?
  216. Making Silicone or simular Boobs to be seen! and Fishing Lure Plasticol?
  217. The "shota" appearance
  218. help wig
  219. Does it matter how deep/High your voice is?
  220. Binder from T-kingdom?
  221. Difference between Crossplayers and Transgender individuals
  222. Are you No.1?
  223. i need some suggestions on my frist time crossplaying
  224. Perfume or Cologne?
  225. Compression Shirt Comparison
  226. I have found a new binding method
  227. Crossplaying as guy/Leg Hair question?
  228. Wig help please
  229. Franken Fran(cis) [hypothetical]
  230. When you don't know the characters gender...
  231. binding while swimming?
  232. boob proublems
  233. That guy's actually a LADY (survey)
  234. safety while crossplaying?
  235. Measurments?
  236. Reno, FFVII
  237. Wig or no wig
  238. Help with bloomers/legwarmers
  239. special diet for ftm crossplay?
  240. Try to be what I feel I am...
  241. Where to find Skin colored shirts
  242. Crossplay or cosplay?
  243. Binding: Long term effects?
  244. ah my goddess cosplay
  245. Cross playing maybe not sure help.
  246. growing the b*lls no pun intended
  247. Who should I go as if I naturally have a flat chest?
  248. Best Shaving Cream/Lotion
  249. Crossplay stories and dealing with people
  250. HELP! where can I get one of these?....