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01-08-2007, 11:36 AM
I can't believe Connecticon will be five years old this year! I was just looking back over my photos from the past four years and it's so amazing how much the con has grown and changed, but despite all that still stayed the wonderful con we all know and love. It made me curious of others' experiences from the past few years. So, tell me, what is your favorite memory from the first four years of Connecticon? Or maybe your favorite few memories. I know I have a hard time picking just one.

I'd have to say the year that sticks out most for me is '04. Sure, '03 was my first convention, but '04 was my first cosplay contest. I met a girl there who was dressed as Lenne (I was Songstress Yuna) and by total coincidence we ended up next to each other in line, which had to do with the order people had registered in. She taught me the chorus to <i>1000 Words</i> and I made up a harmony and we sang those few lines together on stage. Even more exciting, though, somehow I ended up getting a prize for my costume! I remember Brianna fumbling on my name for some reason, so I was kind of embarrassed. (I still don't think I've gotten them to introduce me right at a contest! Though never for the same reason...) The con was so small then that the prizes were simply a free pass to take a few items from a table in the dealer's room, but the coolest thing was that almost all the winners were from cosplay.com. It was also cool because it was my first convention after having joined cosplay.com the previous summer (after CTcon '03) so I knew a good handful of people there. It really was tons of fun.

01-10-2007, 08:46 PM
well it's always a ride to go to ct con both emotionly and mently. I always look forword to Mike's proformence every year sence i only get to see him onece a year. And my old friends from his forum are fun to hang out with. I remember letting V stay at my house with me and her driving me to campuse and back her friend was so funny too. I remember when we offered them an air materess her friend said "A matris made of air!?..." it was a had to be there thing.

I also remember haveing my best friend tell her that it was the worng house when we finally did get home sence he was staying over too.

lets see- i remember last year wasn't so hot. but that's because i hung out with cosplayers.
But i loved meeting the Shindou/yuki from bad luck and got to hang out with her on saturday i got so much pictures with her it was so fun everyone loved my battery!

i don't really remember doing much at ct con because being on vouleenter is alot of work.