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Eva Xgouki
02-07-2007, 05:40 AM
I'm planning on making the Principality of Zeon uniform from the MS Igloo series and I need a little help. On the chest of the jacket is a Zeonic emblem and I'm not too sure how to attach it (plan on making it out of fabric) because the jacket is closed using a zipper. Also, I'm trying to find a place to get a similar dress-shirt that they wear (it has no collar). Much thanks in advance :)

Official Site Pic (http://www.msigloo.net/ch/chara01.html)

02-14-2007, 12:55 AM
ohhhh man. .THESE uniforms XD the updated space nazi uniforms.. if there was one thing good about Igloo (aside from the tank fight and the theme songs and EPIC BATTLE at the end) it's that there are TEXTURES on the uniforms..!!! zoommgg~~

I dont know if you will find the perfect fabric with the perfect woven texture, but I've used regular solid gold-color fabric (it's a stretch fabric.. not the best, but very nice) for the emblem on my Garma uniform in my gallery.. I did it the wrong way initially, but look into using heat n Bond sheets/rolls you can get at any fabric store or joanns.

basically iron it to the back of the fabric, draw and cut the shape out, peel off the paper backing, then iron it onto the front of the uniform. There are some meadiuim to heavy "glue" weights of heat n bond you can purchase.. i'd suggest whatever you think would be best for the thickness of the gold fabric or how thightly woven it is/how much it may fray..

but yah, good luck with the uniform, i'd love to see more zeon uniforms. I'm not a big zeon fangirl, but Oliver May was very atypical... and I have his wig for Orga Sabnak (Gundam Seed) as well.. hm...

so tempted to make an igloo version uniform.... (working on a 0080 version for a friend at the moment. Not an officer uniform like Oliver's though..)

08-19-2010, 06:41 PM
huzzah, so many years old this thread is... i wish i could have helped earlier! these uniforms' textures are perfect candidates for a military re-enactor's budget! full of aluminum and gilt tresse, gold baton, Pips and devices, and heavy silber and gilt bullion embroidery just like on the old stuff!