View Full Version : Death Note Cosplay: Ryuk

03-16-2007, 12:48 PM
I am currently working on the Shinigami Ryuk from Death Note, and I need some Ideas.

1.[Hair] I am a Female, and my hair is shoulder length and dark brown. Should I
*A* Get a wig and style it myself?
*B* Don't worry about it and go as a Long Haired Ryuk?
*C* Dye my hair (Black, and maybe put some blue in it)
*D* Do you have any suggestions?

2. [Face] I still haven't decided if I wanted to Paint my Face (Likely) or do a Mask. (Not Likely) Which Brings me to my next question.
*If you suggest Face Paint* What is the best Face paint to use?
*If you suggest Mask* What's the best Mask?

3. [Clothes]
I was thinking some tight (well maybe not so much) black pants and adding some chains that I have lying around the house. Any other Suggestions?
I was thinking that I could put a Black Boa round the neck line of the shirt that I choose. What do you think about Black Under Armor with the neck line cut out?
I have no Idea about the Belt. Suggestions?

I would really like to do a good job with this cosplay. Any Reference picture(s) (It is so hard to find good ones!), Suggestions, or comments would be great!!!

Much Appreciated!