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04-08-2007, 10:31 AM
I'm posting this here as well as in the Props section, since I'm not really sure where it should go:

I'm planning on doing a few GG props...but I need good reference pictures. I only just got into GG so I don't have any of the artbooks or mooks or anything. I was wondering if anyone here has some and could scan in some pictures or something...or if anyone just has good reference pictures of the weapons I need, that would help too.

The weapons I'm looking for are:

Sol's Fuuenken
Ky's Fuuraiken
A.B.A.'s Paracelsus
Testament's Scythe

If there was a technical manual or something that explains how Fuuenken works, that would help too. I make very detailed props and would like to know all the little moving parts beforehand, if possible.

BTW, for GG obsessives...don't worry about me making a bad prop. They're my specialty; check out my gunblade.

04-08-2007, 03:53 PM

This website has several sprites and scans (http://www.guiltygear.ru/main.php?sect=news&lang=en) of art and whatnot from SEVERAL different GG media. You'd do well to use it.

You also have a working sprite gallery (http://ggxlol.highervoltage.net/) here for almost every GG character.