View Full Version : Crayon Shin-Chan!!

08-22-2002, 10:31 PM
I just got back from my summer vacation in Spain a week ago, and there I saw one of the funniest animes ever!

Have you guys ever seen "Crayon Shin-Chan"? It's supposed to be very popular in Japan. If you guys have seen it we could comment on the series or on an episode you've seen.

:bouncer: I'll be expecting responses!:bouncer:

If you haven't seen it... I highly recommend it!:devil:

08-23-2002, 05:53 AM
Gosh I hate that anime. It is so vulgar and disgusting. And the characters are ugly to no end. They need to send better stuff to the mother country.

Luna Moon
09-11-2002, 09:19 PM
Haha! My friend showed me a couple episodes a couple years ago......*lol* good stuff~

I don't remember what da episode is about....just remember when da guy pulled his pants down and mooned people...