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08-23-2002, 11:29 PM
I don't know if Admin or Aeris consider it Anime, but since it does have a Japanese influence in its drawing and I think it was shown in Japan first. So here it is in this Thread.

Well, as the saying goes, what's really old is new again. And it seems that for CN, this is becoming a catch phrase. Last week, Toonami premeired the He-Man Movie, to lots of critical acclaim and in my opinion, even though it had its quirks and annoyances (Stop the Girly-Ass Twirling, Damnit!) it was still a very well done remake, that has the potential to blow out the original if done right.

However week 2 of the Retro blowout was today, and the Show I've been waiting to see; Transformers: Armada was on today. And for me, I was thinking that while He-Man was good, Transformers should be excellent. That's how it was for me back in the day to tell you the truth. And for the informed, even thought TF started back in 1984, it hasn't been away from the conciouness of society for too long (its more of an Extened Fad than anything) with a Series in the early 90's (G2 was not too memorable) and then from 96 to today Transformers has been on the air with Beast Wars, Beast Machines and Transformers: RID. However, besides BW, these series have not been too memorable, and to some have down right sucked. However, I have heard some good things about Armada during its Japanese run and I was hoping it would receieve a better Dub than RID got. Too bad I was wrong on so many levels. Lets take a deep look into it now.

The Good

1) The beginning: You know how Transformers goes. Autobots (Those who wish for Justice and Peace) Vs. Decepticons (Those who wish to rule the Universe) each one wanting to control Planet Cybertron. Transformers: Armada does this well at least.

Now for a Disclaimer, you would think that there would be more good than the one point I put up here, however after thinking for 20 minutes of what else I wanted to say for the good parts, I couldn't come up with any, however there's a lot of bad in this, so get ready for a bash fest.

The Bad or in otherwords...Where the hell do I begin?

1) Kids: Okay, as we all know Transformers has its humans, most are annoyances, others are insufferable. These kids are the worst...I mean the worst kids EVER to be animated in a Transformers series. Not to metion that they have the personalites of cut out cardboard cutouts that make charcters like Johnny Bravo deep and thoughtful characters. And by god...The Fat kid is the worst ever, he sounds like Ed from Ed, Edd and Eddy and he sucks doing it. Not to metion the girl, who bitches all the damn time and looks like she wants to be a slut when she gets to High School. Overall, Digimon at its worst.

2) The production of the whole entire thing: Now this was the first thing I noticed that was wrong. The fact that it wasn't a Movie as it said it was.It was three episodes mish-mashed together as if you were doing a really shitty DVD without any intros or eyecatches and only an ending. Not to metion that the scene breakers which work very well in every series used, totally suck here. Another strike.

3) The Plot: Oh god this is the biggest offense. Now Transformers may not have been known for its Dialouge or battles, however the one thing that it did have was a kickass plot that did advance as time went on and had a nice epic feel to it. Not to metion that when done right, Transformers Episodes are amazing. Now one thing about Transformers that is an accepted part is different types of them. You have many different sub types, and even different classes of them like Headmasters. And this is no different as we have the Minicons. However, this is different. The Minicons are the focus of the series, but not in the way you think they are.

The Minicons are the key to the war and the builders of Cybertron. However, the Minicons were also fought over for their great power they give to the Transformers, so it is imperative that they are caught and used to win. However, they are scattered all around the Universe.

Pokemon Alert, Pokemon Alert! Instead its Pokemon with worse dialouge, charcters and no charm. Yes I know, its horrid.

4) The Dialouge: All I have to say is this about the dialouge. Take everything that is bad about the Dialouge, put the worst of all the Saturday Morning Americanized Anime that tries to be deep. Then roll with Transformers Cheese....Yeah....

5) I felt like I was trying to like this show because it was Transformers, like I tried to like RID for 2 weeks, however by the end I was disgusted by it.

6) Starscream is Bastardized: Do you remember the StarScream that threw Megatron out of Astrotrain? Well he's not here as of yet, and his replacement sucks ass.

Seriously, I have more things that were horrible, but what fun would that be to point them all out, when I have 6 points here that are all aganist the show. So overall out of Scale of ***** Stars...This show is

ASS!!! 0* out of 5*

08-24-2002, 02:35 AM
I for one, totally agree with you.

I have been working evenings and havent been keeping up much on what CN is bothering to show during toonami so I didnt even know about this till today. I happened to flip to CN before going to work and saw the begining of Armada and though "holy crap this is awsome!" because the scenes they were showing before it started were those of cybertron and other crap, which of course instantly made me think of the original Transformers.

But of course it turns out to be a clone looking RID (which I thought as a show blew as well, I mean how can I take transformers seriously when the dumb badguys are all goofy and crap) with about the same amount of effort into any plot.

I have to agree with every one of your "bad points" and give the show a bat rating as well. At least the first season of beast wars had my comming back each day to watch the next episode.

Hikaru Tsuki
08-28-2002, 11:44 AM
Armada.... *eye twitches* I can imagine Hasbro won't be working with the company that did the animations and scripts ever again! Hasbro gave the company information on how the plot was supposed to be laid out and how each character was. Well, this company took the characters, AND RUINED THEM! GYAHH! Starscream's change is an injustice, not to mention his voice... *shudder*

I was expecting this to be an awesome series. Come on, a series developed in North America, then made in Japan by Japanese artists to be released in North America BEFORE Japan. That's too cool. And what happens? It gets ruined. -_-;;;

The first episode's animation was good, but it slowly began to.... suck? The fight between Starscream and Demolishor was awful! My brother was going "WHAT IS THIS?!" He's a big-time Transformers fan (his over-crowded shelf kinda proves that lol) and I've never seen him like that. XD

The only GOOD thing in Armada is Megatron's voice! .... How sad.

Though... It is a lot of fun to make fun of voice acting. Take the thin bully.... Oh man, I'm so tempted to tease Andrew Francis about it, but I think he already hates me. XD

Well, atleast the Armada toys are cool. Sure, Megatron is a brick, BUT A COOL BRICK! It's fun playing around with his little features with sound effects and his Minicon.

Armada toys = Good.
Armada comic = Awesome (actually follows the plot Hasbro wanted).
Armada TV series = *puke*

Ranma Saotome
08-28-2002, 01:08 PM
Look, fellas...

I have been following TF for as long as I can remember. TF:A was great! To me, kepping this the same would've bored me as well other fans. This is not a pokemon alert. Minicons are drones that can transform. What are the Autobots and Decepticons are without thier alternate forms? Drones. What ticked me off was simply Star Scream's voice. If they could get the original VA for Beast Wars, why not TF:A! All I know is that I will be tuned in to watch every week. :D