View Full Version : Wanting to do a Rose cosplay from FMA!

07-05-2007, 08:26 AM
Hi there, I am new to the boards. I am not really new to cosplaying but it has been a while since I have done anything big. I would really like to try and do a Cosplay of Rose from FMA for the next Anime Convention I go to. Since Pretty much all the Cons I go to are already over I have quite a good hunk of time to work on this project.
I figured I could do somebody like Rose because I don't have short shoulder length hair any more its getting fairly long and is about to chest in length now. I eventually would like to do a Revolutionary Girl Utena Cosplay but know that I will have to wait for my hair to be a lot longer. I know it sounds very odd but I honestly prefer using my natural hair as opposed to a wig. Even though I am not entirely opposed to using a wig, I just prefer to use my natural hair most of the time.
If it helps at all I can post up a picture of myself, as a visual reference right now I am simply looking for advise on types of hair dyes I can look at using and how to use them to get Rose's look and costume ideas on how to sew up Rose's outfit. I decided that I want to do her look from later on in the series and not wayy in the beginning. I really like the wrap that goes around her head and hair that she wears closer to the end of the series. lol hopefully you guys know the look that I am talking about. Anyway any advise on the matter at all would be greatly appreciated.