View Full Version : P.O.D & The Matrix Reloaded

05-10-2003, 06:25 PM
I was wondering if anybody here heard of P.O.D's song, "Sleeping Awake" from the The Matrix Reloaded soundtrack? If you had, what do you think of it?

I, personally, love it. I saw the video for it. It's awesome. ^__^

05-11-2003, 01:35 PM
I think I've heard some of it while I was listening to the matrix album (I totally have to have it) but I only remember Marilyn Manson (getting the new album tomorrow, can't wait) but I'm sure I liked the song. P.O.D. are really cool, and I really liked the last album

05-11-2003, 05:11 PM
i just heard it right now actually lol ^^;

and i love it XP

05-11-2003, 09:22 PM
Heard it up in the radio station and played it a few times. Loved it.

05-15-2003, 08:49 PM
I"m not a big fan of POD but I LOVE this song.