View Full Version : Hilton hotel booked!

08-16-2007, 03:09 PM
So what other choice do I have? I heard somethign about Embassy hotel. Is that far? Also, I never booked a room before. Do I have to pay over the phone or can I pay when I get there?

Aiko Chan
08-18-2007, 11:11 PM
Hey TokyoPanda,

OK the Embassy is a really nice hotel! I've stayed there before and its really very spacious and easy to fit multiple roomates in comfortably. Its usually a bit pricy but it looks like the embassy is only about 100.00 (Starting price, price varys with number of people staying in the room) a night for youmacon. (i just booked a room for my friend there) the lady i booked the rooms with also said that its offering free shuddle service to Youmacon, and its not very far, from what i was told.

Also you dont have to pay until you get there, and then you dont pay until you check out. you can cancle up to 24 hours before your reservations start. so if last minute you decide you dont want to stay there you can change your mind without getting charged. but you will need a credit card to make a reservation. hope thats helpful ^_^ if you have any questions you can always try calling them the number is 1-248-879-7500 and asking them yourself, they are usually very happy to answer any questions you have. or you can check out this website.


that should give you all sorts of info on the Embassy hotel near the con. Hope this helps some, and that your able to get a room for youmacon in no time ^_^