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Zephyr Rhapsody
05-15-2003, 01:13 AM
Hello everybody. I would like to advertise a new game show addition appearing at Otakon 2003!

Brought to you by Zephyr Game Shows (known from Anime Boston, Ohayocon, Anime North, Katsucon 9.1, and Anime USA), Anime Name That Tune will be looking for at least 8 contestants to test their anime music knowledge and speed for major prizes on Friday at Otakon! Just show up and compete!

Also in the works, the victor(s) will also represent Otakon at the 2003 Name That Tune Championship! Will you join the elites from Ohayocon, Anime USA, Anime Boston, and others for INCREDIBLE prizes? There can be only one number one, nyo!

The prizes will be great, the enjoyment will be memorable, but it's the audience who will leave with the most. Sometimes they leave with more prizes than the contestants, after all.

Who knows, maybe we'll even have more game shows there?

Have fun, minna-san!

- Corey
Zephyr Game Shows