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09-05-2007, 05:08 PM
I know I already posted another thread listing all the characters we'll need for the musical, but this is a new one. We're including a lot of characters from Venture Brothers in the musical at Connecticon 2008, and we'd REALLY like to includ Brock Samson as well. However, as you will know if you watch the show, Brock is incredibly hard to cast due to his physical proportions. Whoever plays him must have the bodytype AND be able to do the voice to a decent degree.

The part in the show would not be huge, so the impersonation wouldn't need to be dead on accurate, but we ARE looking for something good. If we can't find a Brock, he won't be included in the script, and as I said, we'd really really REALLY like him. So if you you can play him, or if you know anyone who can play him, come audition, or harass your friend till he/she auditions (hey, girls can be Brock Samson, too!).


05-26-2008, 03:15 AM
I was planning on cosplaying Brock Samson/Grimmjow (Bleach) at Connecticon/Otakon this year. I was wondering if you filled the spot and/or how I could audition? I'm about 6'3, 225lbs and have been working out feverishly since April to get some size and a six pack so I can feel comfortable about cosplaying two characters who are so jacked. I'm not much of a singer (fail Rock Band songs on EASY) but I do a decent Patrick Warburton. I would like to be involved in your musical if possible. Let me know if you still have an opening because I'm still on the fence about doing Brock at Connecticon.