View Full Version : Fma Riza Hawkeye ^^

Lady Ashe
09-05-2007, 10:01 PM
I need some help on knowing what pattern to use for the shirt and pants Does anyone know what patterns or what patterns I should be looking for?

Here is a pic of her


09-06-2007, 07:11 AM
Ah another one wanting to joint the ranks of the Dogs of the Military..

Well I can tell you this, there are a few pieces to this outfit, you have the blue jacket, the pants, the buttcape, under the jacket is a turtle neck. You also have to have the right boots and a gun belt (can't have riza not be packing heat)

My military uniform was my first cosplay outfit and I can tell you what I used.

I used a simplicity civil war pattern for the jacket pants. It didn't take much to alter the jacket (just left the bottom skirt of it off) and as for the flap that's the modified part. The pattern comes with both jacket and paints. The buttcape I had to eyeball. There is no real pattern for that. Some people have their buttcape attached to the pants. Mine comes off as one piece (makes it easier to dry clean that way, the pants can be washed, the jacket and butcape are dry cleaned due to the silver ribbon).

There are some VERY nice Riza cosplayers around that can help you with her outfit. You may want to PM them and see if they can give you any more tips. Ladyhawkeye78 and AVAAntares are two of the good ones. They can help you get the right look down.