View Full Version : Emergency Roomates @ Ani-magiv

Yuki Smiles
10-04-2007, 02:01 PM
Hey guys well now this is an emergency.....and geez well um....
where do i start now....Hmmmm firstly i have a room at the best western and i have this real situation...will i guess um...my roomates kinda had to cancel on me and well now i am a bit screwed...because well I think i'lll...... have to either find 2 new roomies or not go to the con so if you don not have a room and wanna go just let me know in an im or pm please i'd love you for it anyone and yeah um....i really need to get this done

OH and room cost will be fifty bucks per head so please if you can help let me know it would be really nice

PS. I only use aim atm so yeah just hit me up there thankyou very much bye