View Full Version : Ideas for Crossplay? (and how to look more boyish?)

05-22-2003, 12:58 AM
I'm just all hyper about making costumes since I just got back from Acen. ^^;;

Thing is, my mum is evil, and therefore I can't cosplay about 80% of female anime characters' costumes... I'm not allowed to wear anything where my belly button shows or that doesn't fully cover me. Doi! So... that with the fact that I think crossplaying would be great fun, I've decided my next costume should be a bishounen!

But this is a 2-part question!

First part: Which bishie? ^^;; I *want* to cosplay Dilandau more than any other costume in the world... But I lack both the skills needed to make the costume and the money needed to have it commissioned. *sigh* (but if anyone wants to give me one...)

I know there's the "it doesn't matter if you look like the char" phrase going on, but to me it's important that I resemble the char at least vaguely. So... *digs up pictures* I'm going to post some pics, and then maybe you guys can reccommend chars for me to consider? It would really be appreciated... Please let me know what series they're from though so I can watch/read it. ^^


Those are me! ^^;;

Now the second part... I'm pretty flat chested already (*sobs*), so I don't have to worry much about that, but I do have hips. Is there any way to make them appear more boyish? Besides starving myself to death. x.x
I also... Well I used to be mistaken for a boy when I was about 14 because my hair was really short, but somewhere between then and now I seem to have gotten a bit more feminine looking... Which can be a good thing, but I would rather people actually thought I was a pretty boy cosplaying than a girl cosplaying a pretty boy. If that made sense. ^^;; Ideas there? At all? Or if you just tell me I can pull off the bishounen thing I'll be happy. =P

Thanks in advance!

05-22-2003, 01:02 AM
buy some pale lip stick to cover up your bright cherry lips! Or just use consealer. Boys' lips usually aren't that pink.

Other than that, I say GOOD JOB!

05-22-2003, 01:13 AM
You are pretty. You also definitely have the look to make a good crossplayer. *_* I envy thee. :p

Y'know, you could always be casual Dilandau. When he doesn't have the big over jacket, he's just in black pants and a very simple shirt. ^^ With the hair and his tiara.. headpiece.. thing.. You'd still be recognized.

05-22-2003, 01:54 AM
You'd make quite a good bishie. There's lots of guys you could do (Weiss Kreuz guys come immediately to mind, but there are loads of others.)

I second the lip thing! Liquid foundation works really well - better than concealer sticks which can leave little uneven clumps on the lips.

If you cosplay casual-version Dilandau and your mother has a problem with belly buttons showing, make Dilandau's loose purple tank top longer. (I DO wear mine short and skimpy but since I'm the mom now, I can wear what I darned well please! ~__^ I sewed mine, but an easy way to make one is find a loose purple tank top and cut a slit in the front, and add eyelets & lacing. (Always reinforce eyelets with interfacing or another piece of material in the back!!) Or get a purple T-shirt & cut the sleeves off first. (For your mom's sake, don't make the slit as long as I do either! :p

Pants: DARK! Light colors make hips look wider. Loose in the waistband, so that they are actually riding on your hips with the waistband rising loosely above that (but not tapering in to the body.) In fact, the waistband should be a bit lower than your waist - guys have longer torsos. In any case, this will all help hide the narrower-girly-waist look.

Pants should fit snugly just at your widest point, and be somewhat looser in the thighs - the idea is to give as much of a straight-up-and-down look as possible, not curvy. A girl just isn't going to crossplay as well in pants that hug the whole leg, because the curves will be obvious.

My Dilandau jacket will eventually be replaced by 100% leather when I have time to re-make it, but until then it's not for sale. :p

05-22-2003, 03:10 AM
Oh yeah, and practice poses that hide your hips as much as possible. ^^ Standing 45 to the camera is highly recommended. *glares at photo snipers who take pics from crappy angles*

05-22-2003, 01:46 PM
I never thought of doing casual Dil-chan.. that's really a good idea. Then when I can afford the jacket I'll already have the pants and stuff. ^_^ Rawr!

Karisu - If you ever sell your Dilandau jacket.. I want it!!! lol..

Thanks peoples for your help! *glomps everyone*