View Full Version : Kitty ears bells and tails

05-22-2003, 05:28 AM
^_^ in july i'm going to a con where we're all camping outside, and playing capture the flag - but with neko parts! so does anyone know an online store(which ships to england!) that sells ears tails and possibly bells?

05-23-2003, 06:47 AM
Making your own ears/tails isn't that hard...all you need is some fake fur and a little patience (more for the ears...because the tail is super easy...even for a crap sewer like me.....and by sewer i meant it as a title, not a place).

If you'd prefer someone to make them for you I'd suggest looking at people here http://www.nyx.net/~wsantoso/cospcomm.html and contacting them about making the things you want/need.

Hope that helps!

05-23-2003, 11:37 AM
http://www.firefly-path.com may be able to help you!