View Full Version : dye or paint?

05-25-2003, 11:46 AM
I've been working on my Chihiro costume lately and I just want some opinions... I've been searching around for Chihiro cosplayers to see how/what they did/used for her shoes.
I got a few suggestions for painting the shoes and some other suggestions for dying the shoes. What do you guys think? Is there a certain type of shoe to get and work on or is there a place that sells perfect chihiro styled shoes (very doubtful).
Any opinions would be great! So what do you think? Dye or Paint?

05-25-2003, 03:57 PM
could you put a piccie? ^_^

05-25-2003, 08:12 PM
You could always get plain white cnavas or leather shoes (Keds might be a good brand) and use acrylic paint that you can pick up at a Michael's or JoAnns. I painted my Kairi shoes (you can probably squint at them in my gallery photos on the last page) with some degree of success. The paint will scratch off if it touches a rough surface and I'm not sure yet what happens if it gets wet (I carefully avoided that at Katsucon) but it looks pretty good overall.

05-25-2003, 08:49 PM
Here's a pic... Her shoes are yellow and such. I'm basically finished with her shorts and the shirt. All i need are the shoes.

05-25-2003, 09:00 PM
It looks like a small pair of yellowish suede boots/shoes would do.

05-25-2003, 09:08 PM
you can get tan shoes that look like that ^_^ i have seen them at sears recently then you could paint them with yellow acrylic paint. i have done that with shoes and they turned out pretty well ^_^

05-25-2003, 09:35 PM
I'll check them out! Do you know the price range for them? I may not be able to afford them if they're too pricey. Thanks for all the comments!

05-25-2003, 11:48 PM
what about yellow high top converse ( spelling sorry)