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10-26-2007, 12:06 AM
Video game discussion has been bland and boring lately, obviously because I haven't posted much at all. YAWN.

So, indulge me, put your top 5 most disappointing sequels, and why if you please.

In no order:

1. Alundra 2 - What the hell happened. Great adventure game with a moving story in the first one. Huge glitchy hunk of crap the next. God all the characters made me want to punch em. The game was too easy UNLESS it was a mini game, then it was freaking hard. It was just TERRIBLE. I lost interest in it so fast. I can't believe I BOUGHT this hunk of crap.

2. Kingdom Hearts 2 - You THINK they would have tried harder. Far too easy, just slap some abilities on Sora and mash X till you win, SERIOUSLY. He automatically does things like close the distance between you and the enemy, and even jumps for you. Add in a bunch of useless abilities and remove ALL unique properties of Donald and Goofy, you got yourself a hunk of crap. They focused TOO much on Sora. Oh the game is longer? NO SH*T because they just make you go to the same world TWICE. Plus the worlds seem small, and VERY linear. Not to mention the story is 40 effin hours of BUTTSEX.

3. Shining Tears - I know its sounds like a singular game, but its more like Shining Soul 3, but, UH. WORST loading times EVER, I mean Resident Evil Outbreak is better than this. TOO simple, and horrible voice acting. Controlling the other character was annoying too.

4. Final Fantasy VIII - I really liked this game at first, but thats because I was blinded by its great story. I won't deny it, FF VII has a amazing story... almost. There are a few plot devices that are just retarded, like the well known "LOL THE GF's MADE US FORGET THAT WE ALL GREW UP WITH EACHOTHER LOL", and other things. Characters pissed me off to no end. Rinoa is horribly generic, Selphie just needs to die, Quistis falls off the face of the map around disc 2, don't get me started on Squall. The gameplay was bugged, I could get 100 Firaga and Squall's second best weapon before I did my SeeD exam, I mean, cmon, this game is WAY too easy. Card Mod destroys any form of difficulty, even without it, still very easy. Plus the soundtrack was meh.

5. Final Fantasy Legend III - There wasn't really TOO much wrong with it, but it felt like it was just turning into a normal Final Fantasy game, which the SaGa series, is not. You can't choose your party members at all, so you feel forced to keep them as they are. Game can be really easy or really hard, no balance, some say otherwise. It felt too boring.

10-26-2007, 12:49 AM

5. Disgaea 2

Not that it was a bad game. I was just expecting SO FRIGGING MUCH FROM IT, and it was a big disappointment in that regards.

4. Tales of Legendia

After the awesomeness that was Symphonia, you'd think we'd get an even better game, right? Nope. Hey, let's kiddify the whole thing and destroy what everyone loved about it! Great idea!

...good thing they got their asses back on track with Abyss.

3. Suikoden IV

Let's take out everything that was cool about the first three games, make the whole thing about 10 hours long, and add in the WORST BATTLE SYSTEM EVER...SAILING? Good god! If you want to do Sailing right, check with Skies of Arcadia.

2. Devil May Cry 2

Do I need to say more than this? Do I?

1. Actraiser 2

I'm going old-school for this one. The first one had an awesome simulation system, was very open-ended, and had a beautiful soundtrack. Then they decided to turn into to generic side-scroller #432. Great. Just great.

Honorable Mentions: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Soul Calibur III, and Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike.

Oh yeah, and Burnout Revenge.

10-26-2007, 12:57 AM
Darnit Quantum9, you beat me to it.

5. Devil May Cry 2:

What Quantum9 said^.

4. DDR Solo (Arcade console):

No one, with maybe the exception of two other people, would have posted about this. If you know what Solo cabinets are, then you know why this is a disappointing "sequel," with a very loose sense of the word.

3. Super Mario Brothers 2:

DON'T FLAME ME. I completely dig this game- it's awesome, it's fun, it's unique- but it's not the sequel people expected for SMB1. Hence, disappointing.

2. James Bond, 007: Tomorrow Never Dies:

If memory serves me, the first 007 game post-Goldeneye. With a lack of multiplayer, and a pretty choppy single player game, it makes sense that this would disappoint after Goldeneye's awesometacularity.

1. Super Mario Sunshine:

How can you NOT go down hill after the brilliance of Super Mario 64? Again, like SMB2, it's not a bad game at all, just very disappointing because of such high expectations.

10-26-2007, 07:35 AM
Xenosaga 2:
I never bothered even finishing it. The only way to do good damage it to hit enemies in their "strikezones". Graphics were bumped up to give the characters a more realistic look to their faces from the more cutesy, anime-ish of Xenosaga 1, but graphics never save gameplay, hands down. Also, Xenosaga 1's super exaggerated super moves (Ziggy's Executioner being my fave. Where does that big ass blade COME FROM?!?) gave it that extra something that will make you want to trog through it again. I own all three, but XS2 is the Devil May Cry 2 of the series.

Final Fantasy X-2:
Nothing new to say here we don't already know. Charlie's Angels flair with a only the job system to truly salvage the gameplay. Brought back all of the old maps from FFX, but any new additions to the maps were so repetitive, it's like watching a chase scene in a Hanna-Barbara cartoon.

Final Fantasy 2:
Either the old NES version or the remake on PS1. Either way, no matter how much you doll up crap in a pretty package and perfume it to hell... IT'S STILL CRAP! I do like the aspect of actually leveling according to battle behavior since I feel it's an attempt at realism (or Dragonball Z Saiyan-ism where the more you are injured, the stronger you get). But I just plain didn't care about the characters.

Blood Omen 2:
Kain returns in the artistic turd of an offshoot storyline. I love the Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver series, but there were so many puzzles in this game, I thought I was a freakin' Egytian slave building the Pyramids with all the blocks I had to move! Conviluted story by bringing back a supposedly dead Vorador and adding a love interest for Kain wasn't enough for me. The only way to get the real experience of the game is to use the cheat code to have the Soul Reaver & Iron Armor the entire game (1/2 damage and unbreakable sword), of course then you miss out on ninja Kain. Still, no one I know has barely heard of this game due to the sadness it inspires.

Metal Gear Solid 2
That's right, I said it. It's doesn't necessarily suck as much as it was disappointing. Sure, you get Snake in the first 20 minutes of the game (not even if you're good), after that you get an emo rookie who doesn't get cool until he rips off a ninja's costume idea in the sequal. One other thing... NAKED CARTWHEEL! So Raiden got naked and then it was all downhill from there. At times, (quoted from another site) "the plot tends to require four science degrees and a Clockwork Orange-style eye device to figure out. Solidus is Doctor Octopus' Kojima cousin. Also I can't take the cheesy "Titanic" movie references". Although using the shoulder buttons to have Snake/Raiden share their immediate thoughts (positive or negative) was a perk to the PTT. Negative was always funnier. I feel like I only played the game and blazed through just to see Snake/Plisken talk. Love the "infinite ammo" line near the end.

10-26-2007, 10:23 AM
1. Alundra 2 - What the hell happened. Great adventure game with a moving story in the first one. Huge glitchy hunk of crap the next. God all the characters made me want to punch em. The game was too easy UNLESS it was a mini game, then it was freaking hard. It was just TERRIBLE. I lost interest in it so fast. I can't believe I BOUGHT this hunk of crap.


i love the original (was incredibly happy when my brother donated his copy as he didnt play it anymore), but 2 was just so frustrating and some of the puzzles were unnecceceraly complicated; i got stuck on the first 'leading the fireball' one for so long (what was it with getting the angle perfect, that realy pissed me off!); i do play it sometimes, but its not even on the 'guarenteed playing at least once a year' list.

Eurobeat King
10-26-2007, 10:43 AM
People already pointed out some of the sequels that I agree sucked:

Metal Gear Solid 2
Xenosaga 2
Suikoden IV
Devil May Cry 2

I'll add that DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball 2 (they just called it DOA Xtreme 2, dropping the volleyball part in the name) was a baddd sequel.

10-28-2007, 03:13 AM
Man, I must be the only person alive who loves Legendia and dislikes Abyss...

10-28-2007, 04:53 AM
i personally loved kingdom hearts 2. although the whole twilight town bit was a pain. it was easier and it had more characters and such. i liked it quite a bit

10-28-2007, 07:15 PM
5. Final Fantasy X-2

Need I say more? I was hoping X-2 would be a good game. No, not because I get to see three female characters scantly clad, but I liked X, so I thought things would float well for X-2.

X-2 was fun at first and I personally like the fighting system. But the characters began to annoy me. Paine was cool. A hardass who did not take crap. But I'd have to be personally annoyed with Yuna. Yuna had been calm and collective in X, but her exposure around Rikku has rubbed off and she's basically a more annoying Rikku clone. Rikku is fun, cute and all, but I can only handle ONE Rikku in a game, thank you.

Plus it was more centered for teenaged girls, I think. Not a bad thing, but I'm male, and I'm 20...so yeah. :bigtu:

4. Battlefield: 2 "Booster Packs"

TOTALLY lacked content. Not worth the money. Enough said.

3. Stronghold 2

Floated away from the other games...buggy AI, buggy system...I personally did not like it.

2. Rainbow Six: Lockdown

Totally ruined Rainbow Six. This game was not Rainbow Six at all. It sucked. Enough said. ;)

1. Red Faction 2

The first game I loved...the second game was a big disappointment.

10-29-2007, 01:26 PM
Red faction 2:
Like the poster above said, first game was very well done while the 2nd game came up lacking....alot.

Hated everything about it. Far too easy.

Devil may cry 2:
Yea u get the point

Resident evil 4:
Dont get me wrong, the game was good and i enoyed playing it. But the main problem i had was the fact that they just wrote off the end to umbrella and half assed the story line. The only thing that made it a resident evil was the characters.

10-30-2007, 01:40 AM
Some older stuff here...

Ultima 8: Pagan
Small world, crapping jumping puzzles in a CRPG isometric environment, saving took forever, muddy art direction, and very little of the feel of the immediate predecessors (party system, sandbox feel in places, virtue system, etc.) New reagent system cumbersome instead of feeling exotic.

I got more fun out of breaking the game than properly playing it. (This (http://www.it-he.org/ultima8.htm) is pretty much how I behaved.) A huge letdown after Ultima 7 part 1/2 and a sign of the endtimes for the series, which would lumber painfully through one more installment before moving to the MMO world.

Star Control 3
The original developers were not involved in this game and it shows. The colony system felt clunky and bland (especially compared to Master of Orion II) and took away from the exploration element of the series. Story felt "blah" and not nearly as clever as before; it also included lots of new lore than seemed to contradict what came before. Like Highlander 2+, most fans just pretend this does not exist.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced
Would have been a cute (if easy) little game on its own, but felt very shallow compared to the plot (however poorly translated) and difficulty of the original Tactics. Not fond of the bratty kid story basis, but maybe I'm just showing my age. The recent port/upgrade of the original Tactics to the PSP now lets me think of FFTA as a spin-off, rather than a spiritual sequel.

Actually a huge improvement in all respects over the original Neverwinter Nights, even capturing that Baldur's Gate feel in places. Great middle act. However, it is completely marred by a craptacular ending, both in terms of plot and production values: "Rocks fall. Everyone dies." is a horrible way to end your game. And let's not discuss the awful narration...

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
I can lose myself in this game for weeks, but its sense of lore and scope feels shallow and generic compared to Morrowind. Dungeons are very repetitive and feel very cliche when you stumble across then every few yards in the smaller world. Monster difficulty scaling a huge mistake, imo. Seeing bandits running around in max equipment at the higher levels is ridiculous.

10-30-2007, 05:02 PM
1. Kingdom Hearts 2~
This game took away everything I loved about the First one, tore it up, threw it away, burned the trash can, and scattered the ashes into the wind. I liked KH1 for it's unique use of the Zelda system, and the exploration. Not the suggestive relationships, "I could play this with my feet" difficulty, and the linearity. I also found the story to be somewhat incomprehensible, and I PLAYED Chain of Memories. The graphics, and the gummi ships were great, but otherwise it gets a big pffffffftttt.

Tales of Phantasia for the GBA~
Well let's see, the graphics were horrible, they got rid of the theme song, and they doubled the random encounters. They only thing they did a good job on was making the translation horrible. I loved the SNES version, and I know the translation was made to be a bit more rowdy than the original. But that's the version I played first, and considering the time, and the system it was much better.

Mario Paint~
I don't dislike this game, I love it, it's my favorite Mario title. I just wish Nintendo would DO A FRIGGN' DS PORT FOR IT.

11-03-2007, 04:14 AM
The King of Fighters 2001 was pretty awful. For the first non-SNK entry of the series after the bankruptcy, it gave us KOF fans pretty much zero hope. At least KOF 2002 made up for some of the damage, and they've gotten better since.

I can't think of many other things. I tend to be pretty happy with most sequels and am not a harsh reviewer (I liked FFX-2, okay)... Maybe I'll add more later!

Plus the soundtrack was meh.

Ouch! I can get over everyone else bashing FF8 for different reasons, but it's probably my favorite FF soundtrack out there. Eep.

The recent port/upgrade of the original Tactics to the PSP now lets me think of FFTA as a spin-off, rather than a spiritual sequel.

I think that was really the intention all along. Now that FFTA has its own sequel (which I'm playing now and love -- I also disliked FFTA at first, but grew to like it later!), I'm pretty sure they were always intended to be spinoffs rather than a real sequel to FFT.

11-03-2007, 08:37 AM
Ouch! I can get over everyone else bashing FF8 for different reasons, but it's probably my favorite FF soundtrack out there. Eep.

I think its because people pay more attention to songs like Eyes on Me and Lutos Visec...whatever its called, and almost ignore the rest of the soundtrack.

Now the world map music, battle music, etc. were all bland. The only songs I liked besides the above two are Man with the Machine Gun, Tell me, and Compression of time. There might be a couple more that are ok, but overall I didn't like a good portion of the soundtrack. On the other hand, if you ask me what songs I like on other FF games, I might say I don't like 5 or 6 songs, while FF 8, I like 5 or 6 songs.