View Full Version : Anybody play the Crysis demo yet?

10-29-2007, 12:23 AM
I played it at a friend's place since my PC isn't up to specs for it. I've got to say, the graphics was something I've not seen in my life. Anything on 360 or PS3 looks so last gen. Brings out the graphics wh*re side of me. Destructible vegetation, day/night rendering, etc.

The gameplay was awesome too. I really like the nice big open maps, similar to Far Cry. If you have a good PC (At least Core 2 Duo / Nvidia 7000 or 8000 series), definitely download it and check it out.

11-19-2007, 08:01 PM
Crysis _has_ to be a high-end system benchmark for at least a year, because so few gaming PCs have the hardware capabilities to run it--and those that do won't perform well with anti-aliasing beyond 2x on 1280 x 1024 resolution. I'm downloading the demo right now, but I doubt that it'll run on my rig without bringing it to its knees in pain from thermal overload.

Other than that, the screenshots look very pretty (especially the huge forested environments and that awesome nano-suit), and I'm excited to get the full version...soon. RPG-style FPS games aren't explored much these days in the Halo-generation of shooters, and Crysis is a nice breath of fresh air.

[Edit] Having finished the demo last night on my dad's computer with everything set to "Low" (P4 HyperThreaded 3.0 GHz, ATi Radeon 9600, 768MB RAM, etc...basically, too low-end to run this game any faster), I can say that Crysis is great! Can't wait to get this for my own rig, which should let the game run a lot better.

I like how I can turn on cloaking as often as I want (until energy runs out) and hide from the North Korean soldiers, ambush them with a lot of sniper fire, then hide again just as quickly.