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11-04-2007, 10:34 AM
So. Yes. I am to cosplay Seras Victoria! This is going to be my main costume, or one of them - I have recently seen some of Hellsing OVA Ultimate, and whilst watching, I noticed some details on her uniform that differ from the Manga variant of the YELLOW Uniform.

First off:
-her gloves - redish brown and look like a fairly heavy leather or something similar to this without the massive turnback cuff the usual white gloves have.
-There seems to be black piping or edging around a lot of the shirt; collar piece, breast pockets etc.
-Redish brown buttons.
-The sleeve without the ol' red Hellsing armband on it (usually it looks like she just rolls her sleeve up - Anime and Manga versions) looks like it has a white 'cap' on it. o.O

I have been told, beyond my belief, that the MANGA version has all the same attributes? Anyways :P I am a headcase for detail when it comes to costumes and I do not have the Manga or OVA on hand to inspect this closer..
:) Does anyone know if the Manga version has these aforementioned details on, because to my belief, she has no black piping, silver buttons, no white cap and the usual white turnback-cuffed gloves. o.o Can someone confirm this? :D
If there are differences between Manga and OVA this means I have to make two shirts, hence the existance of this very thread. :) As I am aiming to make OVA, Manga AND Anime (Blue).

Any help is majorly appreciated! ^___^;

- Kirsty

11-04-2007, 10:51 AM
This is a tough one. There really isn't much cover art with Seras on it, and Kohta Hirano isn't the most detail-consistent manga-ka out there to begin with.

I think the white cap that you're seeing is the lining of her top, and

Piping.... it's really freaking hard to tell if it is piping. Really. We're back to the inconsistency of the lineart. It could be piping, it could be expressive lines. It not piping, it is a double seam, one right next to each other, on those areas you mentioned.

The manga cover does indicate brownish buttons, though it is hard to tell for gloves- you only see a few fingers, and they're white, BUT there's a very good chance that could be not completely accurate, since even the buttons are more gold that straight up brown. It may just not be brown because he didn't want to distract from the rest of the work.

Wish I could be of more help. Personally though, I would just go off of the OVA for her yellow uniform. It's more accurate and detailed than the original series, and since the manga has such a fluid style it's hard to pin down some of the details sometimes.

11-04-2007, 12:01 PM
I came across some shots of her uniform in OVA to show what I mean =)
This shows that 'black piping' I mentioned.. well, I say Piping, its what I think it looks like. I looked again, I said before its around her pockets too but it seems to be only around the collar sections and the epaulettes but there is most definitly some detail there.
Reference for this: 26199 This is something that would stand out quite a lot on a yellow uniform, which is why I am curious to know if its on the Manga version too - which I disagree that it is but its hard to tell.
Unfortunatly I can find very FEW decent images of Manga Seras to work from, even just the line art and not cover images.
One cover shot (o_O Shes only in it a bit, but you can see there is no detailing around the collar like OVA): http://www.manganimation.net/hellfreak/images/manga/covers/V2CoverHQ.jpg
This shot shows the .. odd coloured gloves shes adopted, albeit not very clearly, i know. 26200

Its very hard to get decent manga shots though o_O The only one I really have is this: 26201
But you're still guessing about buttons and gloves as its black and white even then.

11-04-2007, 12:26 PM
Hrm. I don't think anything quite that thick and black is on the manga version- the manga version seems to me to be just seaming.

That was the manga cover I was looking at ^^ But yeah, you see the buttons? You can see the odd brownish color they have in that one. Personally, I think that would match the yellow better than silver buttons would. It would keep with the warmer tones of that particular outfit.