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Sol Shadow1
11-24-2007, 02:00 PM
anyone heard of this? a friend told me that it mite even be better than WoW, but im rele skeptical

11-25-2007, 12:04 PM
Ah, Perfect World. Supposedly (Supposedly because I don't know if it's -out- yet, I'm pretty out of touch) it's a f2p MMORPG. Personally, I find that MMORPG's that attempt realistic graphics fall short for me, and the gameplay lacks seriously because of it.

I prefer the more cartoony, anime-y looking games. Recently I've been playing Rumble Fighter, a cell-shaded chibi Fighting game with a pretty simple attack/defend/special system that gets to be kind of fun when you really start rocking people. Of course, -getting- rocked repeatedly is more frustrating lol. You could use several actual martial arts in their most rudimentary, recognizable style, including one or two made up ones for the game, including Muay Thai, "Street", boxing, Taekwondo, etc.

Another game I had tried was RF (Rising Force) Online. Anime style, semi-realistic, but the graphics are pretty damn good. The only problem I had with it was that it got a little tedious here and there with the quests. One plus was that you didn't need to find quest givers. At each level up, the main...leader guy, of each race would give you a quest, and rewards are immediately sent to you upon completion.

Two that I'm looking forward to are Mabinogi, an MMORPG based on Celtic legend as opposed to the very common Norse, with cell-shaded graphics and what looks to be a very large, detailed cartoony world. It's currently only F2P in Korea and it's affiliated countries, such as China, but I know it'll arrive on US shores eventually.

The second is Yogurting, which I know almost nothing about, other than the Opening video is f'ckin amazing. For an MMORPG, and for OP's in general. The gameplay from what I -think- I remember is somewhat mini-game based, and the graphics are kind of cutesy, if you're into that or not.

Of course, as with all MMORPG's, none are worth playing if you don't have a good group of people to play with. Even the most fun MMO sucks ass if you're playing on your own xD

But going back to Perfect World. I personally don't think it'd be that fun, since I'm guessing it's a click-to-kill- fighting system, as opposed to a button combo system, which I'm still waiting for.

You might as well try it, since it's free. Keep playing if it's worth it, discard if it's not. No harm no foul.

11-26-2007, 10:44 AM
If wow was so good I would be playing it same goes with Perfect World.

11-27-2007, 03:41 PM
I have seen it being played and it looks like the same game engine as WoW. The reasons it could be better then WoW in my opinion are as follows =P

2.Excellent Character Creation
3.Does not have cheesy characters like Haris Pilton
4.Is not infused with pop-culture.
6.Has interesting races and abilities, skill development is better then WoW.
7.Feels like a RPG, has its own storyline refer to # 4
8.Not sure how it works, but there is territory battles, has a map kinda like old KOEI games like Nobunagas Ambition or Gemfire. You and your country duke it out and slowly take over the game world <--- WoW falls short on that one.

What WoW has.
2.Bigger community
3.13 year olds
4.2 factions instead of countries, PVP is less brutal. Besides battlegrounds which is decently fun.
5.Cost money to buy and play...always a negative =P

I have a friend who is currently playing the game, when I find out more I will post the ups and downs of the game ^_^.

11-29-2007, 01:23 AM
mmm...For newbs and noobs alike, I don't think there's ever a fun pvp time =o. For any game. Although...I guess for those that kill the noobs...that'd be a different story.

Anyways. Off topic. It -is- free, after all. Like I said previously, there's no point in not giving it a try.

11-29-2007, 03:28 AM
hehe i disagree with the above poster, back when EQ was the lead MMO the massive guild wars were insane. At one point we had 400 people in one zone fighting for a raid spawn, lasted about 6 hours of non stop action. Now that was pvp.

11-29-2007, 07:12 PM
hehe i disagree with the above poster, back when EQ was the lead MMO the massive guild wars were insane. At one point we had 400 people in one zone fighting for a raid spawn, lasted about 6 hours of non stop action. Now that was pvp.

EQ was the bomb, totally better than WoW anyday. :rockon:

11-30-2007, 07:57 AM
I went ahead and downloaded this to give it a shot. Not too bad. I am extremely unfamiliar with the set up though, though I bet most MMORPG players are very familiar with the design. All I know is how to move (ASWD), attack(jamming the left click mouse button), put items/actions in the F# keys(drag icon into hot key in bottom right corner), and jump (space bar). The in game explanations are horrible. I am at only level 2 and all I saw how to do was how to increase your stats each level up.

I assume being on the newbie server (hopefully) protects you from players who noobkill, either that, or everyone coming to that server is new and they don't necessarily target each other.

I need an faq or something that discusses all of the controls as in can you control the camera or is it fixed directly behind you? Also, what keystroke is the short cut to bring up what menu? I need an idea of what the heck I am supposed to do, like are there game assigned quests for good equipment/treasure? Where/how to buy/create new clothes, weapons, etc, how to use skill points for item creation, and the best way to make money/exp. Heh... Makes me realize playing so much Final Fantasy/Star Ocean/Breath of Fire how much everything is done for you as far as set skills and stat increases.

Being so unfamiliar, can anyone lend a hand on how to get started? All I am able to do is beat up on weak monsters and get miniscule amounts of gold and EXP.

Sol Shadow1
11-30-2007, 08:42 PM
In the help guide they go thru everything but i learned just about everyting without the help guide so it'll tell you during the game. Most things arent learned or explained til like lv 5 or so. Oh and u can use the any f (f1,f2,f3. etc) key to attack if u press r (action hotkey) and put it into the quickbar thingie. i started playing and its pretty fun. Currently im a lv 19 warrior

12-18-2007, 07:59 AM
Slight revival. In 18 days, I'm at level 29 (Char name: Cotioco, Human Warrior). It's pretty decent and a good MMORPG for beginners. It plays a lot like Knights of the Old Republic with an asian motif (point out enemy, click to attack, shortcut keys for skills, items, etc.)

The quests are the main way of getting experience. Mostly consisting of "Go talk to this guy, kill this many monsters, come back, here's some money and exp".

I say it's worth it simply for the character customization which blows everything out of the water I have ever seen in any game I have yet to play. You see a few mods in there every now and then (ultra skinny, hard to target characters, ultra fat pandas), but they usually go ignored.

This game is already being cosplayed also:

Also attachments: