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12-14-2007, 12:01 PM
Review - Ghost in the Shell SAC (PS2)


1. Great cinematic's :bigtu:
2. In Depth Story worthy of SAC
3. Awesome dodge feature
4. Character animation is bang on (except the Major.. boobs are mishapen & face is a little off)
5. Weapons are cool
6. SFX to par
7. Voice Acting uses SAC Series English Actors
8. Environments are true to the series.
9. Cool scenes like the Jumbo Jet in the first level.
10. Bonus features are available.
11. Has an insane number of difficulty levels.


1. Rigid Control, (however it is very manageable so it won't be a bother). Jumping is cool thou.
2. Short, Goes by really fast
3. Very Easy, even on hard.
4. Bauto is a powerhouse yet his Melee attack doesn't really put them down fast, in fact he's slower with shorter range.
5. Few Bonus Features
6. Lack luster graphics (they could be way better):bigcry:
7. Hacking (when you actually do use it) someone takes 1 to 3 stages, the 3rd is just really hard. It's sheer luck that you get it.:confused:
8. You don't get to really have fun with the Tachikoma's (A.I Tanks), theres only one level where you fight in an arena.:mad:
9. Enemies are just "blurs".
10. No cool Antagonists (cept the main end boss, natch)
11. It's a simple run N' gun shooter, nothing strategic or original.
12. Stealth?..........
13. Default Machine gun is all you really need (no sense wasting time picking up other guns except Big Guns)
14. Just like the TV series, story can be hard to follow (only for Newbies to the SAC)
15. Enemies are DUMB. Typical cannon fodder.
16. Snipers are annoying (1 shot kill)
17. Bonus weapons come too late after the game to be worth playing with them. You have to beat the game with no continues and find all the fans so you beat the game 3x already.

18. Didn't get to fight your doppleganger face to face at the end.:mad:


This game is mainly an appetizer for the fans of Ghost in the Shell, anyone that isn't a fan of the Movie/TV series will not like this game much, these FanAnime games are only for the fans anyway. Eg. Robotech's, Gundam Wing's, etc

Fans will tolerate sub-standard games because we're just happy to have them anyway. ^^

For Fans: 8.3 - I personally enjoyed this very much, unlike the previous game for the PSX
Non-Fans: - You'll be disappointed by it's lack luster appeal.

12-14-2007, 12:45 PM