View Full Version : Hey! Want to be part of a really kick-@ss costume group?

Amethyst Angel
01-14-2008, 01:45 PM
So do I, but I'll need two other people to join me if I'm to get it off the ground.

What I want to do is a create a Celestial Magic Knight Rayearth group. Here's the character I want to be:


All I need are a Hikaru and an Umi:



If you want to join me, you should be female (or able to pass yourself off as such) and not ashamed to show off your navel. You'll have to buy the materials for your own costumes, but I would be willing to provide my labor and expertise in building them. (Oh and I'll build the weapons as well.)

I'm located in St. Cloud, MN (so if you live close to this area or are willing to travel, that would make it easier. And I can travel down to the Cities every once in a while as well.) If you're interested or know someone who might be, please e-mail me at dietzt@cloudnet.com.

Teresa (AA)