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01-20-2008, 03:57 PM
Hello all,
this is my first post and I have a few questions that I really really hope I can get help on,
First I was looking for sites to buy Ranger costumes and came across this one http://www.herocosplay.com/
are these people trust worthy dose anyone know? there suits are great looking and I would love to buy a few BUT its allot of money to be scrood over for some are almost at $1000 a piece,

second question is
well I need help with my Sentai Helmet making you see I have sculpted the helmet out of Clay I have a brush on mold builder and the plastic resin to poor it i just need help with 2 small things starting with do I poor it all in one piece and cut the back out of it after it hardens or do I poor it in 2 pieces, what is better?
and dose anyone know where I can buy the plastic viser material for the helmet and what would work good for a tint so people cant see in but I can see out,
you see allot of people tell me to drill holes in it but that dosn't look good to me unless its the really old sentai
anyway I really hope someone can help out there
my best regards

02-01-2008, 09:02 AM
rangerprops.com i think was the site name,you can get a bunch of info on how to make pr and sentai stuff there,but you have to log in every 12 days or they kick you off,they are retardly strick and a few members are arrogant.

but you can always use plexiglass sheets in the windows part of home depo and bend it somehow(idk how to do that yet) or you could go the cheaper way and use transparent folder dividers(the kind used for school and stuff) they come in a bunch of colors and you can use dry erase markers and a sealer to darken them
if you go for the extreme way of making helmets like those on rangerprops.com, then it'll be like $500 dollars to make an authentic helmet,which I think is not a good idea,there are tons of ways of going about it
My personal favorite are useing a beach ball,paper macheing it 3 or 7 times,then you could get wonderflex from cosplaysupplies.com which is a cheap easy way of using thermo plastics(kind of like a storm troopers outfit)
or go to a craft store like hobby lobby or joanns fabric and get fun foam and get a heat gun,search craft foam tutorials to learn more on craft foam.

if you want a cheap way to make an authentic looking helmet,go for the vacuumforming,HHcosplay.com i think was the site with the ghetto way of doing it,its the same method the storm troopers from star wars used.although its KINDA...dangerous...i'm not an expert,but search cosplay tutorials on ask.com and google,you'll come across alot of things.

oh and if you want to make armor,go to lulu.com and search mecha manual(theres a trick that was used to make the cardboard waterproof,shiny,and sturdy,i highly recommend it) and the various cosplay compendium volumes,eventually there should be a cardboard compendium