View Full Version : One Piece: Unlimited Adventure for the Wii

01-29-2008, 11:02 PM
So, has anyone else played this game yet? I must say that I am usually wary of One Piece games(sad to say that it has almost as bad of a gaming track record as the multiple Gundam series), but this game was a nice shock. It is a fighting game, but not really. It is more of a Zelda-kind of RPG thing.

It is a fighting game, don't get that wrong, but it is only in the Vs. mode, not the single player campaign. That is almost an entirely different game all together. Like I mentioned earlier, it is an action/adventure RPG in the style of Zelda almost. The controls in the game(same for single player and Vs.) is very easy, infact it has the least complex control scheme of any fighting game I've seen on the Wii so far.

The graphics are also pretty damn good, especially considering it is cel-shaded graphics.

I really suggest it for anyone that has already played through the fall lineup of games and are awaiting the big name titles like Brawl. Plus, it is only $40 so it won't be too big of a blow to your wallet.