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02-02-2008, 04:23 PM
Okay.This topic has been juggling about in my head,what with my mom telling me that she's turned off by GH's graphics and whatnot...

Anywho...as time goes by in a game series,does a character's design get better or worse with each volume?I thought I'd share some of my opinions on some of the characters I play as:

Numbero Uno-Izzy Sparks(Guitar Hero series)

Okay.At this moment,I'm at the library,watching a tape of the first GH and typing this out.So,I see Izzy playing out the song when I notice more hopping and more...oddities.Sure,he's/she's based on the 80's hairmetal types,but we have GHII at home and the design is...odd...kinda weird...(BTW,what the hell is up with the 'alimony' in his bio?)

Go backward to my winter break and playing GHIII at Best Buy.I choose Izzy to play as versus a girl and...:eek: WTF did they do?I see a feminized character on the screen.--;

*rolls eyes*I personally would like Izzy to go back to being a boy again...or just give the damn guitarist a bust by GHIV or heads will roll!*end rant and dodges bullets*

Numbero Dos-Ratchet(Ratchet and Clank series)

Throughout the series,I've seen Ratchet evolve into one heck of an action platformer hero.He's awesome,has his perks and...who am I kidding?He's awesome!Now,in Volume 5,I noticed he has some influence from FF,as my favorite lombax has some similarities to Vaan from FFXII.Kinda weird though.

So,why not you share?Maybe we can also discuss how we want the companies to change the designs to our liking in the future?

02-02-2008, 05:10 PM
To be fair, everyone's character design in GH3 is inferior to their GH2/GH1 counterparts.

Mine personally is Sonic. I find Sonic CD to be the best artwork/spritework for the series. Everything after that was kind of a let down, even though it was minor (new shoes, accessories, etc)

02-02-2008, 07:52 PM
To quote my sister, who knew about video games before I was even born but never got into them, when she saw me play Super Mario Galaxy: "Doesn't he change his out fit ever?"

I think the classics, Mario, Sonic as Meso said, Mega Man, Kirby, Link, and so on have held up pretty well. Even in the case of Mega Man going into 3D, he didn't look completely crapped out, and I think Link is unaminously well-rendered in all of his games.

Newer characters, i.e. from the 3D generation, like Solid, Cloud, and so on, seemed crapped out from our retrospective but back in the day blew us away. Now, in turn, we have to be spoiled by having new versions of these characters in remakes, sequels, and so on.

In other words, I think the older a character is in his video game history, the more he seems to stick around despite changes. 3D characters are susceptible to change because of issues with hardware exploration and what-not. But, in general, characters tend to look better as the years go by, despite 2D or 3D...with the exception of Bomberman.

02-02-2008, 10:14 PM
One thing I've noticed is, following the Soul series, the females have dressed more scantily with each game in the series. Soul Calibur IV looks to have them the sluttiest dressed so far. Add to the fact that every female returning got HUGE breast implants...well.....