View Full Version : Samsung S73 digicam at Fry's - $77

02-09-2008, 11:58 AM
If you are cameraless and you want to get in on the whole digicam bandwagon, the Samsung S73 isn't a bad bet. It's very middle of the road: a standard 7 megapixel resolution, a standard 3x optical zoom. Its performance isn't awesome. It does ISO 800-1000 if you want to do things lower light, but it's nowhere near good at it. Thankfully, it's decent in the standard 80-400 range, and it has a decent lens on it.

At $100 bucks, I'd personally shy away from it... but $77 is pretty darn nice if what you need is a functional digicam. The blister packaging is still kinda weird... but hey! The $77 sale price at Fry's refers to the black model and the red model. Not bad.

It's a camera full of compromise... but at least it's very cheap. It's not one you can learn on (not much in the way of manual control...) and it doesn't have the awesome output of, say, a Fujifilm Finepix F31...

but hey... it's $77. And Fry's is pretty liberal about return policy also...