View Full Version : Quick "Down & Dirty" Skit

02-16-2008, 06:52 AM
Hey all Mr. D here! I have at this time no plans for a quick Down & Dirty Skit for this year's Megacon. As you know the run-time is one minute, so I have a proposal here. Whom eva wants to meet up with me for a quick skit let me know here.

I am open to "crazy and funny" ideas which has to run under a minute and has to be family friendly as per the con skit rules.

Again let me know here and we can brain-storm a skit for the con.

Since time is of the esseance I havd a suggestions.

More slsp-stick and movement as prerecorded voices here can be tricky w/o a few months planning.

Ok lets see if this goes anywhere!

:rockon: Mr.D:rockon: