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06-12-2003, 04:16 PM
Anyone know how I would do about makeing a good neko costume?

06-15-2003, 02:35 AM
I just made some Aisha ears and I'm currently making some ears for my friend so I may be able to help. The materials I used are:
1) floral wire
2) felt (but any type of easy to work with fabric will do)
3) hot glue.
First make a frame out of three pieces of the wire. Use 2 of the pieces for the outer rims of the ear and the third to give the back of the ear a curve. Attach the 3 pieces with tape at the top point. Since catís ears usually have a darker outside and a lighter inside, youíll need two pieces of different colored felt. Cut the darker/outer part to be bigger on the sides and bottom than the wire frame (youíll see why later). Place the frame on top of the dark felt. Roll the bottom of the darker piece up and glue it down over the wire (You need this rolled bottom part to stick out from the bottom of the lighter piece. Itís purpose is so you can stick a head band thru it. If you donít want to use a head band, then just make the bottom of the darker piece match the wire, and only the sides larger). Now cut out the lighter/inner piece, making it smaller than the outer piece, but big enough to cover the wire. Next, glue the lighter piece to the darker piece with the wire in between them. Now hereís the reason why the darker piece is bigger: Cats (at least cartoon cats) ears appear to have slight folds at the rims. These Ďfoldsí are tiny/barely there towards the top, and become more dramatic at the bottom, so keep that in mind as you create this effect. Now roll the extra felt over on each side to meet the outer edge of the lighter felt. Practice first to see how much of a Ďrolledí effect you want. Then put glue on the edge of the darker felt, roll it the way you like, and stick it down (make sure to only glue the edge. You want the middle of the roll to stick up a bit and give it a 3D effect). Now you have the finished ear. To complete the look, feel the ear to find the middle wire thatís inside. Bend it slightly to give the back of the ear a rounded look.
I hope this helps and that my instructions arenít written in a way that makes them hard to follow... ^.^;;;

06-15-2003, 08:12 PM
It is a help. Any one eles got ideas? *hugs toka for the help* ^_^