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03-05-2008, 02:14 PM
Hello, I thought I would post links to some pics of the newer OCCC "North/South" building, which is where MegaCon 2008 will be held at. These should help ppl set up good photoshoot locations near the con, organize meetups, etc.

from the MegaCon website (http://www.megaconvention.com)…"Orange County Convention Center Hall SB
Please take note we are across the street in the North/South Building. The South Concourse, located inside the OCCC's South Building, faces International Drive."

A map for parking: http://www.occc.net/pdf/Map_OCCCparking.pdf <-- PDF file (North/South Building is the green one, BTW)

Map of inside of building: http://www.occc.net/pdf/MM_NSOverview.pdf (There are three levels.)

Some pics of the convention center from another event…
click here (http://content.techrepublic.com.com/2346-10878_11-6718.html) or here (http://fksa.org/showthread.php?p=330) (just a couple at start of thread, though)
or here (http://www.gonzosgarage.net/computers/teched2007/index.html) or here (http://fksa.org/showthread.php?p=3902) (a couple of large shots of showfloor)

Some pics that I took earlier…

pic1 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding01.jpg)
Looking from walkway bridge. Front area looks good for photoshoots. Example is this area at this corner.

pic2 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding02.jpg)
Hotel directly in front of OCCC's North/South Building.

pic3 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding03.jpg)
Picture of walkway bridge is on right. Connects West Building and N/S Building.

pic4 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding04.jpg)
Another shot of that corner I previously mentioned. Also, (is there) another addition to OCCC being built in the background, perhaps?

pic5 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding05.jpg)
The Walkway!

pic6 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding06.jpg) pic7 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding07.jpg) pic8 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding08.jpg)
Some pics of the side area of the con. center. I think that road there leads to the back of the center.

pic9 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding09.jpg)
Pic of the area right in front of escalators -- those lead to the lower level, which is the dealer room.

pic10 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding10.jpg)
Just another shot of West Building (from second level of North/South Building); this is looking from some staircase which leads to third level. Has some wacky scenery if you take pics using the con center as a background. Almost sci-fi-y-ish.

pic11 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/conbuilding11.jpg)
To the right of the pic is a walkway that goes to the back part of North/South Building.

Some 3-D pics of the inside…

Pic 1 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/insideconbuilding3D03.jpg) , Pic 2 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/insideconbuilding3D02.jpg) , Pic 3 (http://www.cutegirlz.net/funsite/conventions/USA/FL/MC'08/pre-Mega----2008/insideconbuilding3D01.jpg)
As you can see by the pics, you're gonna get some harsh shadows and way over lit sunlit areas when it comes probably closer to mid-afternoon. Pay heed to that when taking your pics. The windows are set up like how the Long Beach Convention Center (in CA) are set up, which gives some odd shadowing to inside shots. So, that's why you see some crazy shadow banding on some AX '07 photos. Hopefully, this little bit of info will help you get better shots.

There's not much room in the front of the escalators (<-- referring to the second floor here) that go down to the dealer room, not as big as the huge open area of West Building's Hall C (ref. pic 1 (http://sgowtham.net/blog/images/20061201/dsc_2817.jpg), ref. pic 2 (http://web.simmons.edu/~alasc2/ALASC/orlandopix/P1010074.JPG)). So, be aware of that. The third floor seems to also have little space for handling large crowd gatherings. I didn't get to check the first floor, and so there may be ample room down there for shoots & such.

If you have any pics to help out other ppl plan better shoots, please post. :)

03-05-2008, 04:36 PM
Thank you for posting pictures! It definitely helps me with planning. ^-^

03-05-2008, 10:06 PM
Bless you. Thank you so much for putting up these pictures. I've never been to the new con center and this will help me in my con planning.

For anyone interested in outside shots, you might want to check out the weather forecast -


Possible rain on friday and on saturday morning, however the percentages are lower than yesterday. Also Saturday might be pretty cold with a projected high of 68 and a low of 48. Good luck ya'll.