View Full Version : Weapons Policies at Anime Cons

06-17-2003, 04:21 AM
Hello everybody,

Ani-Magic is currently overhauling its weapon policies and we welcome any input from potential attendees and cosplayers.

Specifically we are wondering about whether or not to continue allowing airsoft. Anime Expo has recently chosen to institute a ban, and I am currently investigating whether or not it is prudent to follow suit.

Presently airsoft weapons are allowed provided that they are peacebonded, checked through security, unloaded, and never aimed at anybody.

Please cite your experiences with using airsoft and what restrictions, if any, should be instituted to ensure their safe use.
I am currently considering amending our policy to where the gun's magazine must be removed.

My intent is to devise a policy that strikes a balance between
safety and the desires of many cosplayers to acheive realism. Thank you.