View Full Version : Cosplay Court Case at Connecticon 2008

04-04-2008, 04:23 PM
Currently scheduled for Saturday 4-6pm (Subject to change.) This allows time for 2 cases, and means if anyone wants to come but has masquerade prep they can come for hour 1.

Cosplay Court Case is the panel/event which is all improv. Cosplayers take on the roles, of judge, prosecutors, defense lawyers, defendants, witnesses, baliffs, and beyond in an event meant to lead to crazy fun. All the participants come from the audience.

We've drawn good crowds and had a lot of fun. We had a bit of chaos at Anime Boston this year, and so we're working to fix the problems that did emerge and calling for feedback from any and all people as to what worked and what didn't. Even with the issues there was still some great moments.

We hope to have a lot more fun this year. I always set up posts so people can ask questions, provide comments, volunteer to participate, help out and the like.

07-13-2008, 10:21 AM
I probably posted too early about CCC originally, but I just wanted to add that we have a website set up for information on what happens,and links to videos.


There is an open call for people to attend as the participants are chosen from the audience.

But there is also an open call for people interested in organizing, and this can even be people helping to design how things will run even if they cannot be at the event during the time it is held. Connecticon is great in that so much is going on, so a lot of things overlap, which happens, and is unavoidable, thus one has to be fliexible.

The more major and well known cosplay events generally have been adapting new themes to keep things interested so i'm also interested in exploring that.

If a tentative schedule is posted I will of course put the time here.