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for the record i DID get this off from wikipedia and yes i do know about how people say "its a crap website that makes stuff up" but this seems accurate so hoo-raa.
and also i dont know if this would qualify as a spoiler so thats why i pressed "enter" a bunch of times to further the paragraphs here.

The following table contains the known tracks that will be in the game; the order for the first three sets was revealed by GamePro.[15] In each set, the first two tracks are from artists who, at some point in time, have been an opening act for Aerosmith.[11] The total soundtrack is reported to have more than 40 songs.[11]

Song Artist Master
Recording Tier
"All the Young Dudes" Mott the Hoople 1. Nipmuc High School
"Dream Police""Dream Police" Cheap Trick 1. Nipmuc High School
"Uncle Salty" Aerosmith 1. Nipmuc High School
"Draw the Line" Aerosmith 1. Nipmuc High School
"I Hate Myself for Loving You" Joan Jett 2. Max's Kansas City
"All Day and All of the Night" KinksThe Kinks 2. Max's Kansas City
"Movin' Out" Aerosmith 2. Max's Kansas City
"No Surprize" Aerosmith 2. Max's Kansas City
"Sweet Emotion" Aerosmith 2. Max's Kansas City
"Complete Control" ClashThe Clash 3. The Orpheum
"Personality Crisis" New York Dolls 3. The Orpheum
"Livin' on the Edge" Aerosmith 3. The Orpheum
"Rag Doll" Aerosmith 3. The Orpheum
"Love in an Elevator" Aerosmith 3. The Orpheum
"Kings and Queens"[16] Aerosmith Unknown
"Mama Kin"[17] Aerosmith Unknown
"Walk This Way"[5] Aerosmith Unknown
"Combination"[18] Aerosmith Unknown

In addition to the artists above, the game is expected to include tracks from Lenny Kravitz, The Black Crowes, Run-D.M.C., Stone Temple Pilots[19][17], Deep Purple and The White Stripes.[20] The game is reported to have "about 60 percent Aerosmith and 40 percent artists that either inspired Aerosmith, played with Aerosmith, or are liked by Aerosmith."[10]

Currently, there are no plans to offer the tracks in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith as downloadable content for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock or the upcoming Guitar Hero IV.[21]

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"Kings and Queens"??? STP??? Day one purchase.

Yes, I'm an A-smith fanboy. I think this has been established.