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Naraku's wish
05-17-2008, 11:39 AM
The fantastic horror franchise "Aliens", is making yet another debut with Alien Colonial Marines. From the Creators of the brother to arms series, there looks to be promises of solid game play and a fine story to back it up. So far, no video footage has been released as of yet-but the developers have mentioned a four player co-op online where you take hold as USMC Marine scaling the dark corridors of a infested hive with no signs of life, eerie music from the movies, random sounds, limited batteries for light, and a even more restrict supply of ammo. Sometimes the creatures will be embedded on the walls and your surroundings will look deceiving. All I can hope for is these rumors to be true. The game has been in development well over 4+years and going looking to see a release later this year.

Originally the game was canceled back in 2002 but now is striving to see the day of light with your money.


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