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05-17-2008, 07:25 PM
everyone has their proudest moments while playing video games. lets all share
#1 63 kills in survival mode of Dead or Alive 3. took a freeking like 3 hours.
#2 beat kingdom hearts II like 5 times. the first time was in less than a week. i know not that amazing but im happy. kingdom hearts freek
#3 winning every match in dead or alive when the controller right button didnt work. adds so many handicaps. couldnt even move forward.

or their worst moments playing video games.

#1 broke all of my xbox controllers while playing Dead or Alive and tetris. spent alot of money getting more
#2 sold game stop almost 50 games and got 10 bucks
#3 having to watch over and over the cutscene before fighting ansem in kingdom hearts. each time was 10 minutes of my life. it was frustrating

05-17-2008, 08:11 PM
Nice topic. :]

1) Finally "catching 'em all" in the original Poke'mon games. LOL That was an epic childhood moment.
2) Getting a 10-star ranking in SH3
3) Beating "Xepher" on challenge in DDR:SuperNOVA [/Painful/]
4) Finishing the PS1 Spyros with 100% completion [120% for the first with that additional level]

::Worst:: [Lulz @ too many to list]
1) Attempting to beat GHII on Expert with 5 stars for every song. D: I got probably halfway and then grew so frustrated that I ended up taking the guitar outside and breaking it against the side wall.
3) Fighting Nevan in DMC3 on difficult mode. That took /ages/ time wise and usually ended up just giving up. D:

05-17-2008, 11:05 PM
Resiednt Evil 1-3 in less than 2 hours no saving, its like breathing for me when I play these games. Also, beat Tofu's stage.

Silent Hill 1 HAD 10 stars (lost memory card...), Silent Hill 2 10 stars, Silent Hill 3 9.7 stars, Silent Hill 4 10 stars, still working on origins.

Streets of Rage 2 solo on very hard

All seeds of strength and beat the mine cart stage in Tomba 2. You have NO idea how hard that is.

Never broke ANYTHING for ANY console EVER. (At least not my fault, effin sister broke my genesis while I was away)

Failures: Died on first goomba in Super Mario 3 once.

Never can get past level 3 of ANY Contra.

Watch me play Virtua Fighter, its hillarious how pathetic I am.

05-18-2008, 01:20 PM
1. Getting the True Demon ending in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.
2. Beating X-COM UFO Defense in less than two days (trust me on this one).
3. Defeated Kangaxx the Demi-Lich in Baldur's Gate II with one character.
4. Successfully used Ivy's Summon Suffering attack in combat... once, in Soul Calibur III.

1. Had to cheat to defeat Darth Malak in Knights of the Old Republic.
2. Am a consistently terrible at PVP in World of Warcraft (Retribution paladin).
3. Broke Final Fantasy XII... no, really, shattered the disc. Ashamed, I bought another one and began really enjoying the game. I still feel stupid about it though.

05-19-2008, 08:39 AM
Yeah, great topic!

1) Beating Super Mario Bros. 2 when I was only 11 years old. When you are that young, it means the world.
2) At 14 years old, throwing and breaking my SNES controller out of frustration from playing Street Fighter 2 Turbo, realizing only Roundhouse kick button worked, and still able to beat the game without continuing with Ken on normal mode
2) Discovering the "DownAway+A" glitch in Soul Calibur 3 and destroying survival made with over 200+ wins with Rock
3) Started a new game of Persona: Revelations over 5 years ago, then out of boredom, picked it up again and beat the last dungeon and boss in under 1 hour.

1) Playing for 3-4 hours on a new game, then realizing I am out of memory card space to save my game for (insert game title here).
2) Bought "Dead Rising" for X360 due to fandom, but I do not even own an X360 system.

This one is both a blunder AND something to be proud of:
The MMORPG "Perfect World": Built up a character since Dec. 2007 to lv 83, becoming a guild master for over 80 loyal people and having some of the absolute best equipment for my level, but in doing so, spending over $1500 of real money(cummulative), gaining over 18 lbs of weight, and nearly losing my girlfriend of 3 years in the process.

Without saying a world to my guild, I just quit cold turkey yesterday, not selling the character or anything. I also banned myself from the game forever by creating a jarbled bunch of letters for a password.

05-26-2008, 07:54 PM

beating diablo when i was little

handcannon in re4!

beating jet set radio (jet grind radio)


not being able to beat diablo a few years later

fighting my friend in gears of war and both of us running out of ammo, he revs his chainsaw and attacks, i dodged it but instead of running to get ammo i tried to rev mine but isntead walked back into his chainsaw after he was there for a second

buying pikmen 2 for $60

getting fed up with nethack and quitting (makes me want to go and play it again......yeah i will....right now)

06-09-2008, 07:57 PM
1. Beating Sephiroth for the first time in KHII. Nuff said.>_>;
2. KOing SOMETHING important in Super Smash Bros Brawl.
3. Getting a console to begin with.

1. Receving my final score in Dirge of Cerberus. Total amount of KOs throughout my first playthrough: 57.
2. Deciding that I would beat Sephiroth for the first time on 7/7/07 and losing to him thirty seconds before midnight. I cried. I actually fell on my knees and cried.
3. Telling my friend I wanted a PS2. She hasn't gotten off my back about it to this day. *cuddles PS2*

06-10-2008, 02:20 PM
[#1] First time beating a game- The Lion King game when I was little.
[#2] Beating my brother at the wrestling game he had been playing for years by just pressing random buttons- again, when I was little.
[#3] Beating Septhiroth- in both FFVII and KHII, so exhilarating. xD
[#4] Buying a PS2 the day they came out.

[#1] Telling my friend I was playing FFVII only to have her say "Oh my brother played that game. This is what happens...". I have never been so mad in my life.
[#2] Having my mom beat Super Mario before I did.
[#3] Being dared to play KH2 without saving/turning off the console, only to have my kitten yank the cord out of the socket.

Kuro Yue
06-10-2008, 04:13 PM
1. Beat KH2 in 48 hours (HAD TO FIND RIKU).
2. Getting a score 7,960,632,950 on Pokemon Pinball [Blue field].
3. Staying up until 2AM in order to beat Sephiroth in KH2.

1. Having to use a walkthrough to figure out how to blow out a candle in Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
2. Getting my arse kicked at Street Fighter II because my friend wouldn't tell me the controls.
3. Swinging the bat and missing the sandbag in Melee/Brawl.

Purple Flames
06-10-2008, 04:35 PM
- Beating the original Super Mario Bros in 10 minutes (I used warps, but still)
- Beating the final boss in Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) on my first try
- The first time I played through Ocarina of Time without dying.
- Beating the original Final Fantasy (if you've ever played the original NES version, you know how hard this is)
- Getting my first Phantasy Star Online character to level 200.
- Finally beating Battletoads

- Took me literally 11 years to beat the original Legend of Zelda (I could never find lvl 7 and refused to use a strategy guide)
- Losing every match in Career Mode in Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain.
- Can't make it past the first stage in Kid Icarus
- Forgot to save in the beginning of FFVIII, dying an hour in, and having to start over

06-11-2008, 07:34 AM
-Beating Surivival mode in WWF No Mercy without using the Perry Saturn Leg sweep trick.(got 106)
-Beating "Solo Wing" Pixy in Ace Combat Zero on Ace Difficulty with a F-15e
-Killing my First Kushala Daora on Monster Hunter freedom 2
-Pulling a miraclous win in gta4's online mode in a 1 on 6 TDM (was originally 4 on 6 till teammates DC'd one minute in.)
My proudest would be when my little brother finally beat me at SvR 08.

-Getting jumped by The End for not using one of the sniping spots in MGS3.
-Flying into Andross' brain stems during the True Final boss fight in Star Fox 64
-Forgetting about the revival pill during the sequence with The Sorrow in MGS3.(Those retrys really killed my rank)

06-12-2008, 02:18 AM
It's late so I'll have to add more later as I remember them.
#1) Defeating Sephiroth in KH II with a level 71 Sora on hard mode with the Sweet Memories keyblade.

06-12-2008, 02:57 AM
Memories a tad fuzzy.

-Beating my first RPG ever: Chrono Cross

-Getting to the final puzzle in Silent Hill 1(before the final boss fight), only to find that the code for it, WILL NOT WORK. At all. I crawled every area of it to see if I missed something. NOTHING. I never got to finish the game. ;_____;

-Finding a Project Justice machine. Player 1, the kick buttons don't work. Switch to player two, the diagonal doesn't work. Killed my damn air launchers, chain command, and flipping team up techniques. Made me want to punch the machine.

It's late. My brain's fried.

06-12-2008, 05:56 PM
1.Beating LoZ:WW...9 times. (one time i did it in a day! and i have..all the dungeons...sadly..memorized.>.>)
2:Beating the Lion King pc game when i was about 7. I can't beat it anymore...
3:Catching, and trading all the Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire.

1: finally getting all the characters in SSBM, and all the sound test, stages, trophies..everything. And then my friend comes along and deletes my file. urgh...
2: when i reset in Animal Crossing.

Samurai Panda 7
06-14-2008, 05:43 PM
#1: Being able to walk away from a game that is frustrating me. (I couldn't always do that. So many broken controllers.)

#2: Beating my very first video game. ( Loonely Toons Adventures for the Geniuses.)

#3: 100% completion of Pyconauts.

#4: Beating Halo 3 on legendary by my self within 20 hours.

#1: Trading in all of my old games and game systems when I was young and stupid. (I really wish I hadn't have done that. I really loved some of them.)

#2: Broke off the disk tray to my original XBox (It wouldn't open so I broke the disk tray to get the game out.)

#3: Most of the time, it takes me years to finish the games I start. (I always get involved with another game, so it takes me a long time to get back to them.)

06-14-2008, 06:44 PM
Resiednt Evil 1-3 in less than 2 hours no saving, its like breathing for me when I play these games.

I see your speed runs without saving and raise you a knife only!