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05-22-2008, 02:39 PM
recently i went back on to update my gh3 skill.while skimming through large score milestones i found some guy "bizzarre"-..something.i cant remember the rest of his name,i know however,that he holds the highest score record for through the fire and the flames in the world.a massively staggering 987k+ points.anyways after my warmups i decided to go live.one the funniest people i found to anoy goes by the name "X nickster X" or something like that.he joined in a 7 song battle against me.at first we was selecting our difficulties.he chose expert.he spoke rudely by saying "hurry up and choose a difficulty".so just to p@@s him off i strummed crazy and had him watched me purposely strum up and down.after anoying him i chose to play on expert.i stared at the screen waiting for him to pick his songs,when he finnaly said through his headset "dude,hurry up and pick your songs.".and so i went into random sections choosing random songs.he got anoyed after waiting for me to pick first."dude...seriously...pick something that is challenging."so i went over to the bonus song section and chose my curse,take this life,and the way it ends.i guess then he was talking to a friend because i heard him say "dude,check this..this dumba** starts strumming like an idiot in the difficulty selection...and now hes choosing easy songs...i'll smoke him." to his and his friend's astonishment i took off my first three choices and replaced them with three rounds off expert level through the fire and the flames.he must have known i did that on purpose because i then heard him say "oh!you mother f**(you get the idea)* now this guy is choosing that song three times.i hate him...
friend:i know...you'll get him."
boy did i prove them wrong.me and "X nickster X" didn't even get 30% into the song when he quit and said before leaving "dude, you cheated!thats not cool!" yelled,swore, *speaks in chevy chellios-like voice* blar blar fokking blar.
anyways that was it.after he left i had 56 more people ((yes...i kept count.)) quit on me just because i play better than them.

just for the record this is not intended to be like my "people on xbox live have no class" thread.i'm trying to make this funny.

oh and btw ...it is not my actuall gamer tag,it actually belongs to a gamestop store manager.i just play as it more than him.incase any of you who can get over 300k but under 400k want to prove me to be a fony,find "Gamer4915".that is the only name i go by in guitar hero 3 on x-box live.i'm a guy but i allways play as judy nails.

do you have a funny x-box live story to tell?let the rest of the cosplay videogaming world no by posting it here.but do try to "blur" swear words if they must be included in your story.no one wants to get deleted,aye?


05-22-2008, 03:51 PM
I own them. That is all.

05-22-2008, 08:13 PM
Word. How do I piss off people? By winning. The end.

Don't act like a fucktard on Live.