View Full Version : MetroCon Code Geass Cosplayers!

06-14-2008, 04:32 PM
I'm not sure if anyone has already Posted..
But i was Woundering How many of you were doing Code Geass
At MetroCon this Year!
I'm thinking of Doing Karen or Euphemia
& My friend is doing C.C

06-24-2008, 04:52 AM
I might bring Lelouch. I'm not sure yet >.<

11-05-2008, 11:21 AM
If I go to Metrocon (which hopefully I am), then I'll probably be Emperor Lelouch. If not, then I'll bring R2 Suzaku. Or something....

11-11-2008, 12:53 PM
I might be cosplaying Anya from R2.
i'm not sure yet though xD

11-18-2008, 05:50 PM

My cosplay group is doing R2. Its gonna be fun!

We have a C.C., Suzaku, Lulu, and Kaguya

01-23-2009, 10:58 PM
I'm hoping to go as Prince Lelouch or (Chibi)Zero. Depends on which outfit I finish first. ^-^ Or, if I finish both, I'll bring both costumes.

02-01-2009, 08:39 PM
I am planning on going as Emperor Lelouch and my sister as Knight of Zero Suzaku. Hopefully we'll get our costumes done. :bigtu:

02-19-2009, 10:02 AM
I am going to be R2 Zero.

02-26-2009, 07:29 PM
I'm designing a steam punk-ish Suzaku, so if I can make it to Metrocon (probably only for one day since it's so close to Otakon...stupid money, or lackthereof) I'll be wearing that.

02-26-2009, 09:50 PM
Oh awesome I am so there with you Jellybean I'm gonna make a version for Zero that's such an awesome idea! Mind if i barrow it? lol

02-26-2009, 11:28 PM
Ahaha, go for it! Gosh, an entire steam punk Code Geass group would be so cool.

02-26-2009, 11:34 PM
yes lets do it i am designing two steampunk characters now lol

04-22-2009, 07:40 AM
I might do CC or Cornelia. Whichever gets done first!

Also, what's this about a steampunk Geass group? Sounds pretty cool. Details~!

04-23-2009, 07:05 PM
A bunch of my friends are cosplaying Code Geass too. But only on Friday.

So I'm trying desperately to finish my current Bleach costume so that I can make my Cornelia costume Soooo excited

05-08-2009, 03:26 PM
Also, what's this about a steampunk Geass group? Sounds pretty cool. Details~!
There's a thread for it around here somewhere. >.>

05-14-2009, 08:16 PM
I'm bringing my school uniform Lelouch cosplay, and a friend of mine is going to be C.C. (it's her first time cosplaying. ^_^)

05-23-2009, 08:42 AM
If my other costumes become total fail, then I'll bring my Suzaku Knight of Euphemia cosplay. I'm wearing it to Jacon for the first time but I really want to wear it again because it's pretty awesome, no lie. XD

05-23-2009, 06:50 PM
I am sooo excited! My Kallen wig just came in yesterday. I still need to cut it (I bought it long) and style it but that's ok. It's here!!!

05-23-2009, 08:17 PM
I'll be bringing my C.C. and hopefully my Nonette cosplay as well.

05-26-2009, 10:05 PM
I'm bringing Euphemia for sure.

Happy Sumo
05-27-2009, 08:09 AM
*waves* me me me!! Lulu here!!

06-02-2009, 08:46 PM
i will be going as c.c ^-^

06-03-2009, 09:56 AM
Okay. Wait. I don't think I'm going to be Suzaku anymore. Depends on how hot it really is. I will be trying to do Nunnally though. With Happy Sumo's Lelouch. ^^

06-03-2009, 07:13 PM
I'm going as Viletta Nu but only on Friday

06-05-2009, 07:15 PM
I'm hoping my bridal fabrics arrive soon in the mail, but I should have Euphemia for Friday and Saturday.

06-11-2009, 04:02 PM
I'm hoping my bridal fabrics arrive soon in the mail, but I should have Euphemia for Friday and Saturday.

Oh awesome! ^o^ Which version are you making?

06-12-2009, 09:09 AM
Opening version, I love roses way too much.

06-14-2009, 01:25 AM
You're going to look gorgeous as Euphy, Aleera :3

I'm almost done with C.C :D

06-14-2009, 06:02 PM
Shicho can't wait to see your new C.C. costume, so many buckles. Hope to see everyone next weekend.