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09-17-2002, 10:11 AM
Well after announcing Otaku-con last week to the otaku masses, there's been a speady lines of responses and questions...the NYO!, the good folk that they are, have offered to help me run this thing (gives 100 point badges to Adam and Anna), plentiful questions have been brought to me from cosplay.com and as for the Eastcoast anime convention attenteders and Animenation forums...well i know ppl are reading this thing, so huzzah I guess...anywho, ppl have been asking me "CHris, are you insane?!?"...I think we all know the answer to that one...and of course, "What do you have planned for this wannabe con?" We're here's your answer slappy, p33r that which is the Otaku-Con 2k2 schedule!!!!!!

What: Otaku-con 2k2
Where: Manhattan
When, Saturday, November 30th,2002 (just incase the 2k2 threw ya off)
Place of mass gathering: Penn Station, Manhattan New York, 32 and Broadway, indoors outside the Mcdonalds from 12-1 pm
What we'll be doing:
After the masses have benn gathered, the whole flock of us will decide which "Exotic" loaction in Manhattan we'll hit up first...here's your choices people!!!

1)The 28-32nd street Area:
Jim Hanely's Universe: The best damn comic shop in town, which will serve to both your anime/manga and comic book needs.

Image Anime: One of the few anime only stores in the city outside of
Chinatown, this store has a plentiful selection fo anime stuffs, imported and domesticated...the prices are kinda steep though, and the store is small, so we'll have to go in there in groups ><*

2)Time Square:
The Pokemon Center: Yeah I can hear the whole lot of ya moaning already, but if there's a demand to visit this place, we'll go....note, demand mean half or more of the group.

Book Off: Authenitc Japanese Manga dirt cheap!

Kim..Kim...ah screw it, other japanese book store!: This place is more expensive than Book Off, but a lot more in selection,plus they have art books, and other neat stuff ^^

Toy's R Us: Yeah I know, anime's not exactly the first thing
ya think of when u think TRU, but they have seperate Gundam, Hamtaro and other bastardise dubbed anime toys here, so why the hell not right?

Bar Code/Broadway City: Two of the best bar/arcades in town...but a tad steep in prices though

3)St. Mark's place/14th street:
Besides plentiful eateries, St. Mark's has many a store that has absoluelty nothing to do with anime what-so-ever, but just cool to go to....but we'll deal with that when we're there....

Forbidden Planet: Not as cool as Hanley's but has more imported toys and cds for reasonable prices, so it's all good.

Toy Tokyo: The suff they have here is amazing, 'nuff said.

4) Chinatown: The mecca of all NYC otaku, C-town has it all. Fansub stores, an cheap and good arcade, a underground mall, weapons stores, we're definetly hitting this place during our gathering.

Well that's it for this week, if ya got any valid questions or suggestion, u can im on Aol/Aim @ Griever824, Hunt me down on yahoo @ Starwind824, or just respond to this wonderfully large post at your respected board.

Head of all which is Otaku-con, and hoper that it doesnt suck,