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06-23-2008, 10:23 AM
I am remaking my Twilight Princess Zelda costume. I have another one that I made last summer that I no longer need. It is in need of repairs but I will be more than happy to fix it if anyone is interested in buying it. I don't have any pictures of it, but if anyone is interested, PM me and I will post some pictures for you. It has never been worn. It comes with the dress with the gold designs at the bottom, the purple bodice, shoulder armor, and waist armor. I don't have a crown for it but I will make one if anyone is interested. Here is a photo of a set of shoulder armor and crown that I commissioned:


The pictured model is HimeZelda, and the picture is from her gallery. Please PM me only if you are seriously interested. Thanks! =)

06-23-2008, 02:42 PM
Items for sale belong in the Marketplace (http://www.cosplay.com/marketplace/index.php).

06-24-2008, 09:21 AM
Items for sale belong in the Marketplace (http://www.cosplay.com/marketplace/index.php).

K, fixed it.