View Full Version : A.B.A. Guilty Gear Outfit?

06-28-2008, 12:43 AM
I've seen costumes of her with a tanktop type of shirt on but online all I see is picuters of her wrapped in bandages. Has anyone ever seen her in the tanktop type of shirt?

A.B.A. In Bandages (http://us.games2.yimg.com/download.games.yahoo.com/games/buzz/content/p/2/38562/aba_art.jpg)

06-28-2008, 07:55 PM

well, from what I can tell, her "shirt" is really just two pieces of cloth joined together with four lengths of rope.

It actually looks like they are the front and back of a pair of shorts, like the pair she wears. I have seen people design the costume with it as shorts and also, just as a plain fabric. so i guess it really depends on what you want to do.