View Full Version : Religion & Symbolism in D. Gray-man Panel, 2008!

Blasphemy Blue
07-10-2008, 08:57 PM
Welcome to the official thread for a new panel for 2008, Religion & Symbolism in D. Gray-man!

The panel is currently scheduled for Saturday morning at 11:00! Location is not yet known.

It will last around an hour, and after lunch there will be a D. Gray-man photoshoot, as well! The gathering will meet outside the hotel coffee shop at 1:00.

A brief description of the panel can be found below:

While religious conflict is a major theme in many anime and manga, D. Gray-man has taken the symbolic and historical aspects of holy war to a new level. This panel will discuss the implication of history throughout the series, as well as the symbols behind the Vatican, the Black Order, and the Noah Family. We will discuss how Hoshino uses symbolism and religion in D. Gray-man to create a series that is entertaining and meaningful at the same time. Learn about the man that inspired the character of the Millennium Earl, how theosophy and music relate to the Fourteenth, Rhode Kamelot, and Allen Walker, and much more!

If you have any suggestions about material you'd like to see in the panel, or just want to discuss the panel's theme in general, feel free to reply to this thread!

Let's make the first D. Gray-man panel at NDK a success! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! We'll see you at NDK!