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07-15-2008, 11:22 AM
before you read this just know that i forgot how to make those "spoiler" thingies.you know...those things that bar a sentence but become readable when you highlight them.so if you havent gotten past chapter 5 of Heavenly Sword then do not read on.

I bought this game last week and i'm already close to beating it.

already?dont you have something better to do?

yes.i actually have a life too (<-before you ask).why i spend my time playing video games is because i graduated from highschool about a month and a half ago so now i'm free to live my life the way i want.but before i get off topic:

like i said above i'm close to beating Heavenly Sword for the playstation3.the only problem i'm having is the part where your supposed to fight "Bohan" after he fuses with what i think is the "Raven King".i kept count of how many times i lost against him...i counted about 23 losses.the closest i'v gotten is down to about a 5th of his 1st wheal of health...

does anyone who has played this game -if anyone- know how i can beat this guy?i'm having a hard time dealing with him on my own.