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08-01-2008, 12:28 PM
Hello everybody!

Once again, I'd like to thank and congratulate every contestants. You made this year's Masquerade an unforgettable show once again! Thank you too to all members of the audience. Your encouragements and reactions were well appreciated this year! I hope you all liked the show! We're already working on the 2009 edition and trust me, you guys put the bar really high for next year!

Now that being said, here's the official Masquerade's Winners list. Congratulations to all of you!

Genevieve (aka Nueva Yui Maxwell)
Masquerade Director, Otakuthon 2008

Novice :

Workmanship :

Honourable Mention Workmanship:
#20 Sailor Mars

Honourable Mention Workmanship:
#7 Side Job of Wakka

Best Headpiece:
#11 Not So Useless

Creative Use of Materials:
#12 Princess Mononoke

Best Finishings
#21 Une Équipe de Choc

Best Prop :
#18 Kendappa-O

Best Recreation, Workmanship:
#25 Kurohime

Best Workmanship in Class, Novice:
#13 Poor Kenshin


Best Choreography :
#15 The Merging of the Final Fantasies

Best Dance:
#14 The Happy-go-lucky Brigade Perform

Best Walk-On:
#12 Princess Mononoke

Purell Award for Purity of Wit:
#6 Golden Boy Episode 7

Best Concept:
#9 Bonne nuit Moogle

Trixie Award for Comedy:
#21 Une Équipe de Choc

Best Characterisation :
#13 Poor Kenshin

Best in Class, Novice:
#25 Kurohime



Best Armour:
#32 Le Très Honorable Inu No Taishu

Best Embellishement :
#28 Le Compte de Monte Cristo

Best Workmanship in Class, Journeyman:
# 31 Another Battle, Another Victory


Youthful Energy Award:
#26 Team Gai…Now with More YOUTH!

Promoted to Head Demon Award
#35 Vyers, the Mid-Boss Demon

Best in Class, Journeyman
#28 Le Compte de Monte Cristo



Creative Use of Materials:
#41 Venu d’Armorique, en Tournée au Québec

Best Props and Armour:
#38 Why Change Classics?

Best Workmanship in Class, Artisan:
#40 The Power of the Kingdom


Judges’ Appreciation Award:
#39 Dollarskit

Fan Service Award:
#42 Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly

Best Choreography:
#38 Why Change Classics?

Best in Class, Artisan:
#40 The Power of the Kingdom

#43 What Love is

#30 Potion

08-01-2008, 04:27 PM
"Purell award" for Golden Boy... ahaha. Sick puppies!!
Seriously tho... well deserved awards. Congrats to all, not just the winners but also all who organized and participated in the event. That was the most enjoyable masq I've seen yet and the staff having fun throughout (what with the Kon takeover attempt and MC Seb and the stage ninjas and 1000-ton hammer wielding stage ninja boss chasing off Cacofonix/Assurancetourix before he made it rain) made it extra enjoyable. Great work. Vraiment genial!