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09-12-2008, 03:45 PM
I'm not really a Cosplayer I don't think, but it's not because I'm not into it, simply because I can't afford to be right now, lol. I love & totally respect those of you that do Cosplay & I can't wait till I can really afford to get into it. I guess this is going to be my first step then huh? :-D
And did I mention that I'm a loser & can not sew for the life of me? So all of my stuff's gonna have to be bought cause I can make soy candles & dry erase tiles all day long, but that's about as far as my craftyness goes :-/

So on that note I want to be Ada Wong for Halloween. Resident Evil 4 is mine & my boyfriend's favorite game ever & we can't wait to be able to play RE5 in co-op mode, weee!! He's got a monk robe & is going to be one of the Zealots, hehe.

I've found a dress on Ebay that (I think) looks really great, better even than the other cosplay, velvet one I saw for $200.00. It's from "SuperChinaSeller". I can't sew so buying the dress is my only option.

Anyway I'm having trouble finding guns I like. Can anyone suggest some good sites that have guns like what she used in the game? ((I really don't know crap about guns, lol))

Not sure what to do about her holster either, all of the airsoft ones I've seen aren't right.

Also I'm having trouble finding shoes like she wears. I know they make them though, I've seen more than a few pics of cosplayers wearing shoes that look pretty darned close to Ada's. I just can't seem to find them. And I was going to email those people who had shoes like hers to ask but all of the darn pics I've seen I haven't found any way to contact the cosplayers. UGH!

So if anyone has any advice & websites for me to check out that would really help me out alot!!

Thanks in advance guys!!

09-12-2008, 06:40 PM
Well, Wal-Mart has a nice BB gun they sell. It's a Daisy gun that you can check out and it has a nice weight to it as well. I got a holster from the Army-Navy store, but it's not right for Ada Wong really.

As for the big guns, check out www.airsplat.com--they have a ginormous selection of airsoft guns.

Congrats for starting on a costume--you're gonna love it!

Oh, can you give us the link to the dress on Ebay? I would love to see it.

As for the not being able to sew--I can relate. I can't do any sort of metal/leather work at all, so I usually have to find something close to it in stores.

Chiyou Takara
02-22-2009, 11:50 PM
most of the pumps that cosplayers wear for their Ada Wong costumes are actually just regular black pumps with the cross straps hand sewn on the front. That's what I did with mine and it's worked out pretty well :) You can try doing the same thing. In my hunt for the perfect Ada pumps, I found a pair that looked exactly like them, but they were leopard print and $700. I almost cried ;_; Her pumps are called d'orsay pumps (the middle section being cut out), by the way, if you're still looking for them.

This post is way past Halloween, but I hope that you got the costume done in time! I cosplayed as Ada for Halloween too! My university department secretary went nuts over it, haha. I just need to finish up with embroidering the vines on it and I'll wear it to some other con. Check out my gallery for pics (mostly in progress though)! :)

03-19-2009, 03:29 PM
Yeah, I had to make my Ada shoes, and I think they came out alright.

I don't have any pics of them up yet, and I hope you got your costume done in time. Ada's outfit is a spiffy one.

05-05-2010, 11:49 AM
I'm cosplaying as Ada soon too, so I know what you mean. And I know the seller on Ebay you're on about! She's making my outfit too xD xD

And about the shoes- I'm always looking for help to make them xD I'm just looking for pumps and little court shoes on Ebay to try and find any that look similar. xD