View Full Version : Wanna hang out ? and Who r u Cosplaying ?

10-18-2008, 03:19 PM
YOUMACON is all most here. So who r u cosplaying ? 4 me :
Friday : Allen Walker crowned Clown form with claw( D.Gray Man) and Allen Walker in Pajamas lol

Sat : Sora ( KH2) and Brock ( pokemon season diamond and Pearl)

Sun: Allen Walker crowned Clown form with hood on( D. Gray Man) and Sora (kh2)

Also its my first time at youamcon in the past 2 years so i might get lost lol. If u wanna hang at youmacon or take pics of my costume just contact me through myspace , AIM , MSN , or Yahoo.

AIM : Chaos5555555555 ( its 10 fives)

MSN : devonish@live.com

yahoo: devonish@sbcglobal.net

4 more info on youmacon go 2 www.youmacon.com